Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Serious Topic

Yes, this post is dead serious, very much unlike the previous posts which are somewhat serious, but not quite.

I'd like to talk about deep things, deep deep things that have provoked, is provoking, and will provoke human mind, in one or many ways.

  1. Firstly, buckets, just because.
  2. Secondly, wells, especially of the bordered by bricks variety, simply because they have bricks.
  3. Next, mines, gold mines, coal mines, oil mines, diamond mines, et cetera, but not land mines, they're shallow and mean, and we hate mean things, don't we?
  4. On to Ocean, deep and full of lives, and the deeper it gets the more weird and fascinating the lives are. (But I'm no marine biologist)
  5. Trenches! We can't talk of deep things without mentioning trenches!
  6. Pockets, some are truly deep, the others... bottomless, I mean, they really have no bottom -they've got holes instead
  7. The Web, deep web crawl, rad.
  8. Human minds, and the depth guided them to this blog to seek other deep things.
  9. We need to reserve the last for number 10, so have a cake at number 9 instead. (you there, put the brick down!)
  10. Space, deep space. Endless adventures, for curiosity and survival. Many many stars that inspire the mind, yet we can't be sure they're really still there. Enthusiastic search for another intelligent beings, who might be as excited as us about the whole thing. Doesn't it sound romantic?

That was deep. Now, let's get back to making strange phrases, half baking stories, and preventing world domination by penguins, cats, and penguin again.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Phrase of the Moment

"A healthy dose of bricks to the face"

Try using it in your daily conversations and start to impress people!

Example use:

  • Whoa, your works dazzle me so that I think you deserve a healthy dose of bricks to the face.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, to be frank, I think you need a healthy dose of bricks to the face.

Make more examples, be creative, awe people with your wit!

(no bricks for me please, I believe we can arrange to have some cake instead)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The King of Cakes

The Geometrically Offensive Cake Shop was not named that way because the offensive nature of their goods, which are, in fact, sickeningly normal, except for some twists or two. The Mobius donuts are just like other donuts, with a twist, the Calabi-Yau Puffs are just vaguely spherical puffs, nothing resembling a 3D rendering of a Calabi-Yau shape at all, the One Dimensional Toasts are just what they are, toast, save the insignificant detail that they are long and thin like twigs.

The shop, though, is highly successful in university campuses. Stressed students feel that they can eat away their problems, literally, and flock to the campus' branch of the cake shop for some Smith Chart Waffles, or JBREAD++ (which is not an acronym of anything) whenever finals loom in the horizon. Of course, this is just some kind of escapism, which doesn't solve the problem at all, except maybe the shop's financial problem, which it doesn't have in the first place

Many, many professors have called for banning of the cake shop within 2 kilometres from the campus' border to get the students to spend more time in the libraries or labs instead, but their habitual lounging around in parks with paper bags containing some varieties of Dough of Advanced Materials doesn't seem to support the cause very much. Herds of Psychology students used to march to the cake shop's main store protesting against capitalizing from poor college students' unstable state of minds, but that's before they found out about Counseling Rolls.

There is a man behind the success of The Geometrically Offensive Cake Shop, Terrence Pierce, the founder and leader of the private firm. Mr. Pierce is not some strange man, unlike Mister Graham Jonesy, who was his classmate for 3 years alternately in elementary school. Mr. founder is a serious, straight to the point, serious business man. He is boring by default even if he passionately show himself off, simply, he's a narcisst. People don't expect him to come up with anything funny or even remotely amusing at all, though he did came up with the name for the cake shop. The magic of Terrence Pierce's leadership is not his creative product naming, for he does not name any product, his personal army of escapist starved and stressed students do that for him, not his secret recipe for the cakes, he knows nothing about cakes and the cakes from the shop taste ordinary to a fault. The magic is in his private army of escapist starved and stressed students (which somehow has entered the text before they should be), who gives ideas to the artisans and spread the word to their peers like wilder fire. Many universities assembled task forces to reduce the effect of the shops viral marketing, though to no avail, anyone can see why if they take a short walk in the park.

Mister Graham Jonesy has long been not a student, but he still regularly visits the cake shop, not because he likes the ordinary taste, or out of respect to his former classmate which he barely knew, but because he lose a little game to Terrence Pierce when they were fourth-graders. The game would have to wait for another episode, if any.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nostalgia Machine

See the video:

Did it flip all kinds of nostalgia switches for you?

It did for me, I remember being an elementary schooler sitting nicely in front of the TV waiting for the show to start, filled to the brim with anticipation, though it's usually just another monster-of-the-week episode. But, who could resist the Kamen Rider, he's just so.... Kamen Rider.

I remember the show having 5 minutes of commercial after the opening theme, on average, and another 5-10 minutes just before the final showdown of the episode (and that adds to 10-15 minutes of commercials, and who knows if they actually had some more in between. How long was each episode again?). Anyway, I also remember swooning (in a very manly way) whenever Kotaro Minami did the henshin, for reference:

Taiyou no Ko!

Lastly, here's the lyrics for the opening theme:

Kamen Rider Black RX

wake up! wake up! wake up!
hikari no oorora mi ni matoi
kimi wa tatakau hito ni nare
kizutsuku koto wo osoretara
chikyuu wa aku no te ni shizumu

wake up the hero moe agare
hikari to yami no hateshinai batoru
wake up the hero taiyou yo
ai ni yuuki wo ataete kure

kamen raidaa kuroi bodii
kamen raidaa makka na me
kamen raidaa black RX

yasashisa yori mo hageshisa ga
daiji na toki ga aru mono sa
kimi yo ikari wo inazuma ni
kaete uchuu ni tokihanatte

wake up the hero mune no oku
kimi no shiranai kimi ga iru no sa
wake up the ehro me wo samase
dare ga pinchi wo sukuu no ka

kamen raidaa kirameku inazuma
kamen raidaa ai no senshi
kamen raidaa black RX

wake up the hero moe agare
hiokari to yami no hateshinai batoru
wake up the hero taiyou yo
ai ni yuuki wo ataete kure

kamen raidaa kuroi bodii
kamen raidaa makka na me
kamen raidaa black RX
Masked Rider Black RX

wake up! wake up! wake up!
with aurora of light surrounding your body,
be the one who fights!
if you are afraid of getting hurt,
the earth will fall to the hands of evil

wake up the hero, light your fire!
it's the eternal battle of light and darkness
wake up the hero, O Sun,
bless love with bravery!

masked rider, black is your body
masked rider, red are your eyes
maksed rider black RX

there are times when vehemence is
more important than kindness
you, transform your rage into lightning,
and release it to the heavens

wake up the hero, deep in your heart
without you knowing, lives another you
wake up the hero, open your eyes,
aren't you going to help those in peril?

masked rider, sparkling thunder
masked rider, warrior of love
masked rider black RX

wake up the hero, light your fire!
it's the eternal battle of light and darkness
wake up the hero, O Sun,
bless love with bravery!

masked rider, black is your body
masked rider, red are your eyes
masked rider black RX

Yeah, it's about a warrior of love after all. If I can get a slice of cake for every word that I butchered... let's just say we'll have an all around rounder ryy_.


Here's the ending theme, and the lyrics.

I know it has wonky aspect ratio, this one has the right aspect but embed is disabled by request. Now, on to the lyrics.

Dareka ga Kimi wo Aishiteru

tatta hitori no tatakai ni
tsukareta te de shizumu toki
hitomi wo tojite kao agete
mimi wo sumasete mireba ii

lonely lonely heart
kaze ga sasayaite yuku darou
lonely lonely heart
hitori bocchi janai no sa

dareka ga kimi wo aishiteru
dareka ga kimi wo shinjiteru
dareka ga kimi wo motometeru
dokoka de dokoka de

mune wa kizutsuki hiza wa ore
haruka na yume wo kuyamu toki
furimukanai de kao agete
ashita no michi wo mireba ii

lonely lonely heart
chikyuu wa ai ga sumau hoshi
lonely lonely heart
hitori bocchi janai no sa

dareka ga kimi wo aishiteru
dareka ga kimi wo sagashiteru
dareka ga kimi wo mitsumeteru
itsudemo itsudemo

dareka ga kimi wo aishiteru
dareka ga kimi wo shinjiteru
dareka ga kimi wo motometeru
dokoka de dokoka de
itsudemo dokoka de
Someone Loves You

when you are sunk in tired arms,
in your lonely battle
close your eyes and lift your face,
listen carefully,

lonely, lonely heart
-can't you hear the wind's whisper?
lonely, lonely heart
-...that you're not alone

someone loves you
someone believes you
someone seeks you
somewhere, somewhere

your heart is hurt, your knees broke
when you lament on faraway dreams,
don't ever look back, lift your face,
see the path to tomorrow

lonely, lonely heart
-earth is where love lives
lonely, lonely heart
-...you're not alone

someone loves you
someone believes you
someone looks over you
always, always

someone loves you
someone believes you
someone seeks you
somewhere, somewhere
always, somewhere

I Have been Naughty

Or not.

Anyway, I did a little exploration of idea in the train back from internship. I deliberately boarded it at the first car, pulled a book and began reading, tap dancing every now and then to balance myself when the train got bored of being steady and decided that being a little shaky wouldn't hurt. Between the last three stations, when much less people are on board, I thought it'd be funny to walk to the last car. So I did walk to the last car, eyes to the book, wobbling and tap dancing along the way.

In conclusion, though the idea seemed nice at first, actually doing it wasn't so exciting. Maybe a revised edition involving a spoon and funny faces would be good. Still, I think this is something that everyone should try for kicks and giggles, don't you think? Or maybe you think that I need a healthy dose of bricks to the face?

Thursday, February 22, 2007


That thing over there is a kind of that. It is a variant of something which was made to do those things. They were first invented by someone somewhere way over there to do some sort of things, but ended up doing a whole lot of other things, including that we talked about sometime earlier, except those things, for which they were invented in the first place.

Those people thought that because the thing did do something, they might as well monetize them, and that's why this man, that woman, and those group of people somewhere can't pass through some buildings without seeing those things, doing what they do best, being that thing.


Care to give some continuation in the comments?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rolls off the Tounge

Try saying this:

Cosmic Hullabalooey of Epic Proportion! Doesn't it feel nice to say? Now, together with me, loudly!

Cosmic Hullabalooey of Epic Proportion!

Cosmic Hullabalooey of Epic Proportion!

Cosmic Hullabalooey of Epic Proportion!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Bane of All Blogpost: What did I Have for Lunch?

But this post is not about anyone's lunch, except for a certain Mister Graham Jonesy, who insists that if anyone is going to write a Mr. before his name, it has to be written in full.

Mister Jonesy is a very peculiar man. He is tall in a way that no one is really sure how tall he is, but everyone just agrees that he is tall, and peculiar. He always carries a walking stick with him. The stick is rarely remarkable, it is just like any other wooden walking stick: brown, shiny, and you wouldn't want it on your face. No one is really sure why he needs that for the stick rarely touches the ground anyway, but no one dares to ask, mainly for fear of having it on their face. In reality, though, Mister Jonesy has never hit anyone, he merely smiles at people and generally being nice. But that does not answer why he needs the stick, it does answer why people are afraid of asking though. You know, if you can strike the right expression, smiling at people makes them think that you are up to something, and carrying a walking stick while smiling leaves little to the imagination. That kind of smile is what Mister Jonesy is very proud of.

Enough about all that, what about his lunch? Well, before we go through that, let's see what Mister Jonesy's favorite drink is. It is water. He drinks a lot of water everyday, so much that he was laid off his previous two day jobs for spending too much time around the water cooler and in the toilet. His friends (he has some friends) are actively telling people not to count how much water does he drink each day, for the simple reason that they did and the answer shocked them so much that they feel that the weak of heart would not survive.

So, what did he have for lunch? It's some Möbius donuts from his favorite cake shop, "The Geometrically Offensive Cake Shop".

(Should this be continued?)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Recharging Batteries, With Starlights of the Night Sky

How's that for a title?

I have a 2 days holiday from internship, direly needed break I'd say.

Friday, before all the laziness break loose, the company was giving out oranges left and right like there's no working tomorrow, and what did I think when I got mine? ORENJI! JEREMIAH GOTTWALD!.

That aside, Sunday was tiring, an event in day, another at night (a BBQ! with overly well-done food! where else can you see fishballs so black, #000000 would be jealous!), with 4 rounds of the wolf game in total (chances are if you don't know what it is, you wouldn't want to. It changes life, and once changed, it can't be undone. You will have to walk the path trodden by those fallen to the game, and it has no beautiful scenery, believe me).

I related the story of the spoon to many during both events, we are one step closer to averting the world domination by penguins, cats, and penguins again. If you care for this world and would like to get along with the cats and penguins, and dance around a tree with them, take your spoon and hoist it high into the clouds!

Now for the more common thing, I got kicked out in the first round in one of the wolf games at the BBQ, so I played with some cats instead. They didn't look like they'd be taking over the world anytime soon, but it'll happen, just wait. On a whim, I looked at the night sky, and to my surprise, I can see some stars. Usually, the lights on ground are too bright, but not yesterday. It's nothing much, really, but I was awed. I mean, the stars I saw weren't how they were then, it's how they were thousand, millions, or billions of years ago, depending on how far they are from us. What if, in a solar system of one of the stars there's a war going on and the people there are killing each other, what if the people there have solved the problems of the natural laws, what if there's someone looking at her night sky, trying to find us? And even if we can probe its surface, we can only see the primitive landscape, maybe devoid of civilization, devoid of macroscopic beasts, or even devoid of any life at all! Those kind of things just get me moved anytime.

Back to recharging my batteries then, comments? cake?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Behold, Spoon!

I'm running a little experiment here: I take a spoon with me wherever I go, and show it to some unexpecting victim's face, screaming "BEHOLD, SPOON!" (or "LIAT, SENDOK!" or anything to that effect).

First run of the experiment wasn't satisfactory, they'd just say "uh..yes?", "trus..?", "lo knapa sih?". Folks, that's lacking a lot of emotion! What's the world coming to! Oh, the spoon!

Now, I urge you to join me in my quest to return The Spoonness to human heart. It's easy, just don't forget to have a spoon ready at all time, and don't hesitate to pull it out and scream the magic mantra to some unenlightened folks. Remember with spoon in our hearts, we can skip getting dominated by penguins, cats, and penguins again and go straight to the dancing around a tree part.

Tell me of your spoonful quests in the comments.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, hi, Hello there!

The fever... it's spreading! (whatever that might mean).

Oh well, I guess first post is reserved for introduction, but where's the random in that? (and we all know that consciously being random is arguably not too random at all!).

Ever heard of cows flying before? no? well, you just read about it. If all goes well they might just start to fly some million years from now, maybe. But then we would have colonized mars, finished singing 1 *illion green bottles, dominated by penguins, cats, penguins again, and finally got along well and danced around the tree, all in no particular order.

Are you beginning to get annoyed at this first post? Well, don't throw the cake yet, I say we eat the cake and throw some confetti instead, what say you? *throws confetti*

Throw some more confetti in the comments! Oh, and don't steal the cake.