Saturday, March 31, 2007

Have some nice shouts

But what to shout? Here: Hysteric papaya in black pepper sauce with extra cheese! It hardly matters how that taste. I mean, a hysteric papaya can't be bad, or can it? Well, the sauce and extra cheese would help, if bad comes to worse, but that's unlikely or you can add some mushroom. Let's get to the routine then, Hysteric papaya in black pepper sauce with extra cheese! Hysteric papaya in black pepper sauce with extra cheese! Hysteric papaya in black pepper sauce with extra cheese!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Behave Yourself!

For this is: Tahun jangan nakal sosial nasional internasional antargalaksi what the penguin is that? loosely: Social national international intergalactic don't be naughty year (or whatever) And it doesn't last just a year, it's here to stay. Be a good earth citizen and behave yourself, and maybe we can skip to the dancing around a tree part of history. Come on, who wouldn't want to dance around a tree with penguins and cats (and penguins again)? We'll sing some happy songs too!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let us power nap!

But what's a power nap? Well it's a nap, of a powerful kind. No really, it really is a nap, to restore energy. read the article on it. So, in the spirit of experimentation and breaking patterns, I tried the power nap. Arriving in the cubicle farm yesterday, I sat, logged in, set an alarm, and slept. Ten minutes later, the alarm vibrated and I woke up, ready to get productive? Well, no. I ended up lethargic for the next 2 hours dozing off for one minute every 3 or so minutes, penguin! Maybe I shouldn't have tried to be too creative and get a twenty minutes nap instead, oh well. Or maybe I should have sticked to the previous experiment. The day before I decided to catch up with feed reading first thing in the morning instead of the usual around-lunch time frame. If I'm not going to be productive anyway, why not get a little more knowledgeable in the process? You know, procrastination 101: learn a new programming language instead of building something useful with one you already know, dashing. In fact, this experiment was successful. Of course, I skipped the fact that the weather's kinda cool in the power nap day, but let's not talk about that. Lately, the train seems to be too eager to be full too. That makes me unable to do the car-skipping experiment, oh penguin. Though it drains happy from Ryan, hopefully Ryan will never run out of happy else it'll be a headline all over the world: "Ryan Has Run Out of Happy", Oh the tragedy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let us take the Silmarils

...and flee to Middle-earth, for the Valar could only grieve. Melkor they may bound but the mar of Arda they did not heal. Two lamps they made and two lamps Melkor fallen, yet with stars they replaced them and the fair light of the trees they kept in their realm. To Valinor they took the early children of Iluvatar but Arda was yet vast and had hearkened but very few songs. Let us take the Silmarils ere Melkor behold its beauty! Maybe I've been reading too much of The Silmarillion lately. But I have to hurry up else I'll miss The Children of Hurin (to be released April 17th).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh look, a pattern!

Get hammering people, we can't have it. I'm trying to change some life pattern for the love of all that is sweet. First step: jeans pocket configuration how it was: Left:
  • mobile phone
  • ezlink card
  • pen, pencil, eraser
  • keys
  • company badge
Now it's the reverse. It feels kind of weird handling my phone with my right hand and pulling my pen with my left (but I still write with my right, maybe training to be ambidextrous would be exciting). I guess I'll get used to it soon. There was an experiment some short years back when I tried reversing the order of my arms when I cross it. Try crossing your arms, which one's on top? now reverse it. It was weird but soon enough I got used to it. Experiments like these train the brain to new pattern, it might reinforce some links or make some new ones in the grey matter. I forgot where I read that, but the effect can only be good. Second step: Shifting the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier and having breakfast before washing my face instead of after. But that's partly to get an earlier bus. Hacking live is fun, have control before the penguins take it!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Are we not eager?

To inspire awe in our peers' minds and to strike fear in our adversaries' eyes, that is. So now I present you a new phrase: flowery tapestry of immense hilarity As usual, let's say it aloud with me: flowery tapestry of immense hilarity flowery tapestry of immense hilarity flowery tapestry of immense hilarity Get practicing people, the penguins are doing this too!

We need more melodies

and penguins, but they can wait. On a burst of randomness, Ryan remembered the song Yasahii Yoake, by See-saw, which was the ending theme of the anime .hack\\SIGN (don't ask him what kind of directory is that). The song, it was pretty. On past lonely nights when Ryan was marathoning the anime he often repeated the ending theme two-three times just because.
See, it is good. Ah, fond memories. It's regrettable that the video only has 1.5 minutes of it, but Ryan can listen to the full version anytime. Now for the lyrics:
Yasashii Yoake eien sagasu kimi wa utsurigi na yumemibito uwaki na yume ni sugari anata wa doko e yuku? tasogare hiraku kagi wo sagashite tsuki no kage todokanai mama naita 'watashi wa doko e yuku?' futari hitomi ni himitsu nakushitemo kasaneta ude wo hodoki wa shinai wa ichigatsu no aoi tsuki asayake kakushite yo owaru hazu no nai yoru ni yasashii yoake chikazuku hodo ni itamu koi no omosa no sei de hanare sugiteta mune wo jiyuu to yondeita kurai basho ni dake hikaru mono ga aru to chiisa na mado no tooku mitsumeteta ichigatsu no aoi tsuki doko made ochite yuku owaru hazu no nai koi ni yasashii yoake ichigatsu no aoi tsuki asayake kakushite yo owaru hazu no nai yoru ni yasashii yoake
and the translation:
Gentle Dawn you, one who searches for eternity is a fickle dreamer leaning on yet fickle dream, where are you going? you search for a key to open the twilight but the shadow of the moon you can't reach you cried, 'where am I going?' even if secrets were to vanish between our eyes never shall I release your hands o pale moon of january, hide the light of morning! to a night neverending, shall a gentle dawn descend for the love that hurts the closer we are to each other, we called hearts separated too far as freedom we believed that only in dark be a source of light thus far away we gazed from the small window o pale moon of january, wherever might you fall? to a night neverending, shall a gentle dawn descend o pale moon of january, hide the light of morning! to a night neverending, shall a gentle dawn descend
As many argued, the story of the anime was nothing spectacular. It was rather slow, even. But aren't the songs pretty! That was my first exposure to Kajiuran music, it was special. Key of the Twilight, The World, Aura, Fake Wings, In the Land of Twilight Under the Moon, there bound to be some music videos of them in youtube. More lyrics, the song you find out yourself.
Key of the Twilight Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile Tell me of a story never ever told in the past Take me back to the land Where my yearnings were born The key to open the door is in your hand Now fly me there Fanatics find their heaven in never ending storming wind Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth Consolations, be there In my dreamland to come The key to open the door is in your hand Now take me there I believe in fantasies invisible to me In the land of misery I'm searchin' for the sign To the door of mystery and dignity I'm wandering down, and searchin' down the secret sun Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile Tell me of a story never ever told in the past Take me back to the land Where my yearnings were born The key to open the door is in your hand Now take me there to the land of twilight Aura if you are near to the dark I will tell you 'bout the sun you are here, no escape from my visions of the world you will cry all alone but it does not mean a thing to me knowing the song I will sing till the darkness comes to sleep come to me, I will tell 'bout the secret of the sun it's in you, not in me but it does not mean a thing to you the sun is in your eyes the sun is in your ears I hope you see the sun someday in the darkness the sun is in your eyes the sun is in your ears but you can't see the sun ever in the darkness it does not much matter to me
I'll be in the corner with the penguins listening to some mp3s and being nostalgic and things if someone's looking.

Friday, March 23, 2007

More Gradients!

But you're going to make it with me~ This tutorial(?) was based on GIMP, but it works just as well with photoshop, or a penguin. First, open a new document, I used 800x800 here, any would do, of course. Next, choose gradient tool (click and hold the paint bucket tool in photoshop) Change its mode to difference and linear Make a gradient Make another If your picture looks somewhat like below now, you can keep going. If it's not, check if you properly chaged the mode to difference. Not layer blending mode, the mode for the gradient tool. Make many more gradients, some short, some long, go wild! After a while a nice pattern will form, or a penguin, but that's rare. I had this: You can adjust the levels now (GIMP: layer->color->levels, Photoshop: ctrl+L) Slide the arrows (black, grey, white) to adjust the levels to your liking. Next, give it some colors. The easiest way is to change its hue/saturation (GIMP: layer->color->colorize, Photoshop: ctrl+U (be sure to tick colorize)). Here's what I had: After that, do whatever you want to prettify it, the penguins like prettiness. I'm still finding my way around GIMP, so just a 2 pixel gaussian blur for now, to reduce noise. Then, I duplicate the layer, apply motion blur (radial, 45 degrees) on the top layer, and change its blending mode to overlay. That trick gave it an extra dreamy feel, yes! Now you can paste some song lyrics or something on it. Anyway, make some and show them off, the penguins love gradients.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have a report to write?

With a particularly high page quota at that? But you're sure that the grader won't read everything, and better, you know for sure what the grader won't read? Fill it with lorem ipsum! click through to the site and generate some for giggles. I'm not going to paste a sample here lest google think that ryy_ is a spambot, we can't have that. Now that gave me ideas. After several pages of random number and more pages of several googolplex digit of pi, let's have some pages of lorem ipsum on the dead tree!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What!? Recap after just barely a month? Where's the sense in that? That's the point, not much sense in that. *points to blog title* Moreover, this is post #29, it's a prime! The time is ripe for a recap. here's another point, just because:
This recap is important for it contains the reason why this mess blog be. Randomryy is here to spread the love of all that is lovely, rad, dashing, what say you, and to aid people in their quests to inspire awe in the minds of their peers and to strike fear in the hearts of their adversaries. Where else are witty phrases shared so that they might help your cause? We have 'Behold, spoon!', 'Cosmic hullabalooey of epic proportion', 'A healthy dose of bricks to the face', a list of deep topics, the poem of change and its (deep) analysis, and the newer 'Generic psychobabble of historical importance'. Now have you been practicing? Then we have curious tales of Mister Graham Jonesy, The Unnamed Person Who Journeys With a Spoon, What's Your Name Again?, and The Very Rich Duck. All must have been helpful inspiration, no? You there, one does not race with the vacuum cleaner! Don't forget that we have experiments. Have you been trying them? No? Awww don't say no, I'll cry *sob*. Of course, randomryy is also here for me to show off, be nice, and cute, and all around adorable. But that is in line with the quest! say it with me: 'Inspire awe in the minds of our peers, strike fear in the hearts of our adversaries!' Also, you haven't heard of Candyland, it is sweet I tell you. The road to post #29 was not smooth, as they say: 'One does not simply walk into Mordor post #29'. Ryan is sad when he can't think of new witty phrase to share with the penguins and cats and people, and a sad Ryan is saddening to behold. Ryan is happy when penguins, cats, and people are able to inspire awe in their peers' minds and strike fear in their adversaries' heart. Practice your hullabalooey and make Ryan happy. Sad Ryan, though cute nonetheless, is still a sad sight to see. Have a happy photo for good measure:

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It was violent

and Ryan tells no lie (ok, not too often). Many things are said of violent games these days. Sure, some games are somewhat violent, but violent games in non-violent skin are more ominous, no? Let me give you an example: Final Fantasy Tactics. Suppose you have four in your party as thieves, and you're cornering an enemy knight with a particularly fancy equipment. You can cast sleep on him, surround him, strip him off his equipments, money, and experience (yes, you can steal knowledge here). Then move away, throw stone to wake him up, and let him realize thath he's practically naked. Now, if you have a mediator, or someone with mediator skill set, you can invite him to your party and practically being his savior. Equip him lightly, bring him to a battle with fell beasts, make him go to the front alone and watch him get killed. Extra point if one of your men has equip change skill set, and equip the poor knights stolen gear to show off in his last moments. It doesn't end there. You can fill your enemy's head with nonsense (mediator's preach skill), and raise her faith. The more faith a character has, the more vulnerable she is to magic. Now you can burn her with fire to re-enact witch burning, neat? Or alternately, you can make your mediator give the enemy a vision of glory and splendour to raise his bravery. The braver one is, the more vulnerable one is to physical attacks. Get a lancer to jump on his head to stomp his ego or just impale him with a lance stolen from a lancer unlucky enough to be a victim of scenario #1. You can even make mockery of people's jobs. Make a ninja dance, make a white mage use black magics, make a knight steal, get creative! Lastly, the game teaches you to cheat and feel good about that. I'm talking about using Orlandu here. Taking him into battle qualifies as cheating! To top it off, all those savagery are acted by cute cuddly sprites, with straight faces, even. How's that for subtle? No, I'm not dissing the game. I love it. That was an example of the greatness of imagination, and a teaser for you all to try out the classic. Wow, that didn't contain spoiler, am I not skilled?

Monday, March 19, 2007

So, what's it all about?

The Jonesy saga(?) I mean, has anyone ever wondered where it's going to? Well, me too! It started simply from the desire to write something slightly coherent involving characters with initials GJ, TP, and CPD. If you don't get what those mean even after seeing the tooltip (or the page source, or a poor penguin-eyed penguin) then chances are that you don't want to know. Knowing it is a point of no return, it'll change your life forever! In all spirit of randomness, all three characters have been mentioned, and the world is glad. So be it that penguins and cats roam the earth, to the weeping of dinosaurs, if to weep they're gifted. While that is all pleasing, another thing has come to pass. The Kacamatasuper visited the intern longing for a lecture-time nap, and wisdoms were shared. My dead tree bundle was filled pretty nicely, and personally I think the content is pretty nice too. Curly scripts and plenty of white space. White space is so current, so rad, so dashing (royal rainbow!) And curly scripts embody wisdom and expertise! Of course, one does not walk curly script into Mordor Bachelor degree (or PhD). Oh well, at least I didn't populate the dead tree pages using random number generator (with extra errata sheet. I mean, errors in a random sequence?) or by just printing several googolplex digit of Pi (Maybe I should do that, after all we're still halfway through, plenty of chance!). Now, I want to plead guilty for having one sentence in my dead tree bundle that contains double negation. Really, a Kacamatasuper has the responsibility to be super, so the Kacamatasuper spotted it! Karma, karma! I don't remember what was I listening to the night before, but it can't be something that'd make me liable to a healthy dose of bricks to the face, and that's true!
Thanks for the people who spread the love for <strike>, I'm infected, no cake for you. Just don't try das Blinkentag, the world can sustain only so much of das Blinkentag. Lastly, Korobeiniki folks! (and it rocks too).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Impulsive Racer

When Graham Jonesy and Terrence Pierce were elementary schoolers, there was a very popular show that kids loved; The Masked Fisher. The show was about a fisherman, named Mark Fischer, who had another identity as The Masked Fisher, the champion of justice. Masked Fisher kept the coastal town peaceful and the sea beautiful, the people loved him and he had many super villain enemies, who sent their minions to kill The Masked Fisher on a daily basis. Basically, it was a plain children superhero show, with nearly no twist. One of The Masked Fisher's enemy is the mad-gymnast (there was no mention of a mad scientist at any point in the show), and the gymnast's body was so flexible he could twist it in many ways, mostly seemed to be painful. That was the prime source of twists for the show. The show is very relevant to why Mister Graham Jonesy keeps visiting his old friend's cake shop. One day the show ended when The Masked Fisher was shot in the head while he was fighting the Republic Cheese on the moon. The following day, little Mr. Pierce challenged little Mister Jonesy to guess if The Masked Fisher was dead, the winner must support the future business of the loser. Despite his peculiarity, Graham Jonesy thinks rationally, he always been. He knew that the main guy in a superhero show never dies, so he guessed that The Masked Fisher survived. Tough luck, The Fisher was killed and the show ended prematurely. The story writer faced many lawsuits for allegedly playing around with children's hopes. Of course, he left unscathed. That is why Mister Jonesy visits The Geometrically Offensive Cakeshop often. Actually, it is also the reason why he carries a walking stick everywhere. He doesn't go around hitting random people with that, but if anyone, anyone at all, dare make him guess a superhero's death one more time, he swears that he will hit them in the face with vehemence. Terrence Pierce, the successful businessman, and a lesser deity among stressed starved escapist students (their professors insist to be the higher deity), has been chasing a particular girl. Cindy Pane Dunesby, a high school principal by profession and a racer by passion. Miss Cindy hates the businessman, however. For her, he is plain boring. Considering she is dealing with difficult children and childish teachers day-in and day-out, it is very much justified. Though to her annoyance, Mr. Pierce wouldn't give up. One has a remarkable patience if one is able to endure Terrence Pierce's 1001 variations of narcisstic pose (for which he filed a patent). Miss Dunesby has always had a passion in racing. It's not about speed, it never was, it's always about the race. When she was a child, she believed that she would be a world class racer, but she gave up that idea in high school. The problem is, she races everything and anything, so she couldn't decide to be a runner, a cyclist, an F-1 racer, or any at all. Even if she was given the choice to be an Airbus racer, she would still not be able to choose. The racer-at-heart principal now contends herself with racing students and faculty member to the schoolgate or to the cafeteria, and many other small random races which only go in her head. Seemingly paradoxically, Cindy Pane Dunesby is a careful and slow driver. In fact, she drives very slowly that anyone who drives behind her might be sent to a psychiatrist for frustration, and that's the lighter cases. Her arduous constraint not to race with her car began when she finally got her license after 7 years of failing driving tests. Yes, she tried to race anything that moved in the test ground, and yes again, she needed 7 years to get over it. But this story is not going anywhere, at least not yet.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Very Rich Duck

Another story first posted on forumpintu. I got the idea in a shower when some wave function or another collapsed just the right way for me to remember my past fondness of Donald Duck (I read the weekly until junior high, every Monday. Are they still printing them?). The title is "The Very Rich Duck", the story: In a prestigious university somewhere, for three years running there was periodically a challenge from someone who only called himself "A Very Rich Duck". The challenge varied in nature, from searching some elusive things to reaching some place hinted in a cryptic message. What they had in common was that they were all horrendously difficult. Winners were forbidden from announcing their victory and The Duck, as the people called him, never disclosed what the reward for a victor was, he only assured participants that it was good and well beyond worth the effort. This led to rumors of new moneys being winners of The Duck Challenge. That was all good and game until someone came out and declared himself a winner of the Duck Challenge. What happened to him? Well, he vanished and never found again. The police who thought that The Duck was all nice and charitable changed their mind and chased The Duck on suspicion of kidnapping. The challenges stopped for a while but soon returned with a vengeance. The challenges were more difficult than ever and on average, one person was missing every seven challenges, regardless of victory announcements. The challenges continue, and the chase continues. But, who'll win the game of hide-and-seek? Who is this Duck? The Duck is a rich individual who seeks excitement. He made the challenges for the joy he feels in making it and in seeing people trying to solve it. He made it a rule to himself to eliminate everyone who declares his/her victory, just because he feels that it makes the game more interesting, and chose not to reveal that rule fully to pique curiosity of what would happen and to expose himself to the risk of having to kill someone. The first one to declare his victory was indeed kidnapped by The Duck, he was thrown to the ocean weighed with gold bars which were supposed to be his prize. After his first kill, The Duck got excited at the idea of the police finding himself, so he tweaked the risk further. From then on, victors are offered two choices, wealth or responsibility. Those who choose wealth will be given gold, but The Duck wants not anymore of them, so they can never hope of meeting The Duck. Those who choose responsibility will be The Duck's aide in spreading the challenge all over the world, they will act on The Duck's behalf in creating and executing games where there never was. The Duck will keep contact with them but he will not spare a penny for them, those who choose responsibility receives no material aid from The Duck. One of The Duck's goal is to make the whole world participants of his game, one game to rule them all!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Done with the hullabalooey?

Getting tired of chanting 'Cosmic Hullabalooey of Epic Proportion' every other waking hour? Try a new one: Generic Psychobabble of Historical Importance Generic Psychobabble of Historical Importance Generic Psychobabble of Historical Importance Awe your friends and frighten your enemies with what rolls off your tongue!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's your name again?

This story was first posted in forumpintu (stop that aah ooh-ing, I'm not going to pull a desu~ fit here). The inspiration was gotten in an SSS barbeque session (with this we have two posts that have something to do with SSS barbeques, Oh, relevant!). We were talking about what kind of film would have "What's Your Name Again?" as a title. The quickest answer offered was a teen romance film, but that's boring. We need something more ...epic. So I came up with this story: There's a young big company president that's very successful, let's say... 'Mister'. He had money, power, connection to the government, a fiancee that he loves. But he also had a problem, a moral problem. In his business he made many many shady and illegal deals with his partners, which involved high ranking governmental and military officials, and even foreign big names, and the moral burden was becoming heavier and heavier for him. He thought that if he were to confess his crimes, accept his punishment, and start over from nil, then maybe he could be happy. But for a man of his importance, it was not that simple. His business was too important for the country and the region. If he were to confess, his company would crumble and many of his employees would be left jobless, many high ranking officials would be pulled into the scandal and the government would be thrown to chaos, it's even possible that it'd incite a major regional conflict. One day, he was on a plane home to the capital from a business trip. The plane crashed, many died, and the few survivors was quickly found, but Mister was never found. after months of his absence, he was declared dead and his fiancee, who inherit everything he had, took over his business, exposing herself to all the nastiness of the business. But... Mister actually survived, and he finally reached the capital, though his memories were in tatters. He had many clips of his life swirling randomly on his head without being able to make sense of any of it. What he knew was that he was important, he had something to get done, and he had someone he loved. Another major things in his memories were two pools of information; names of people and faces of people. He believes that those people had the key to his past and to the answer to what he had to do, and maybe one of them was his lover. But he couldn't connect which name belongs to which face. The names and faces were, in fact, those of his business partners and his fiancee. Because they're all famous people, Mister saw their names and faces a lot in the paper, internet, and TVs, but he would just forget the link immediately. Mister came to the conclusion that maybe if he met one of them in person, then maybe he can restore the link for good, so he decided to be a journalist. One day he met a prominent government personnel in private for an interview. As luck would have it, the govt personnel recognized him and tried to kill him in fear that he may reveal some old secrets that would ruin his career. Mister managed to turn the situation around and killed the govt personnel in self defense instead. Suddenly, a link was restored between the man's name and face, and bits and pieces of his memories involving him began to fall together. Mister now lives on the run, seeking opportunities to find the people in his memories, to kill them and put his memories back together, to do what he has to do, and to be reunited with the love of his life. Will he be able to reconstruct his memories, remember his moral conflict, and be reunited with his fiancee? Will he kill his fiancee in the process? I think this is a story that can't have a good ending ...penguin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Already spamming

It's a phenomenon, a scandal! Do you use many already in your sentences? Feel that a sentence can't go wrong with an innocent already tailing on its end? You say 'gone already' when something goes kaputt? already already already already? It might have crept into your speech mighty deep and you haven't the slightest idea about it, penguin! Or, maybe, you love to spam also instead. also also also also also. Can't get enough of it? Oh yeah, also also also. Also, penguins! (or... penguins also). Nah, this is not a gripe. It's just an interesting, and also entertaining, observation. Like when you cross your arm, which one is on top, your right? your left? Try reversing it, odd? How about sitting cross-legged, which one is on top, your right leg? your left leg? Reverse it? also odd? Try getting comfortable switching arms every now and then when you cross your arms and contemplate. With the right face, it might make you look somewhat wiser, deeper, rad. Try doing it when you're sleeping in a lecture, now you're deeply contemplating the subject, not sleeping, how's that for cool? ...penguin.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Kacamatasuper is coming

Yes, indeed, truly, oh penguin, my kacamatasuper is coming this Friday and I haven't made enough ink strokes on that bundle of dead tree. Oh noes, oh noes, penguin, I'm too busy eyeing another dead tree bundle (this has many ink strokes) that I forgot to tell my kacamatasuper from the other side (this one does not breathe heavily, the force is weak here) that the other kacamatasuper is coming. Maybe I should take a day off and pour some bucketful of ink to my dead tree bundle, yes, that might be good. Penguin, what should I say to the kacamatasuper, "I did this and this and that and some other thing that way, ain't it rad? no, dashing? what, not too much application of what I've been learning? Surely you jest, oh, OK, maybe, yes, yes, alright, fine, you're right." Of course I can't just make things up along the way, I'm too honest for that. Who knows what would happen to my fragile heart if I were to succumb to such tricke(ryy_), oh penguins. Maybe I can put on my poynti (with the y coming before the i, for extra intensity) wizard hat and do some arcane wizard(ryy_) on the dead tree. Yes, penguin, we can pull it off, we're rad, we're dashing, sooo captivating! But the coming of kacamatasuper means halftime (minus seven bedtime), and that is kinda good. But the kacamatasuper is coming after all, penguin. Why am I typing this when I have a dead tree bundle I have to blot, why oh why? Maybe I need that healthy dose of bricks to the face. Oh, one more thing, <acronym> tag rocks.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love gradients and I cannot lie

Cakes to those who get the reference in pictures #3 and #4.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Eye Opening

What do you think after seeing the image? Now, read this quote from Carl Sagan:

We succeeded in taking that picture [from deep space], and if you look at it, you see a dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there — on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors, so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light.

Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand. It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.

Now, what do you feel after reading that? That message had a very powerful impact on me when I first read it, it still is. It gets things into perspective, it keeps you from thinking too much of yourself. The penguins and cats we know have only this dot as their home too, and here they want their flowers and trees and happiness (and cakes, cookies, and daffodils too). Surely, we want our happiness too and so do the other dot dwellers, but do we want our bickering and our --as the penguins and cats put it-- ratatatas, boom-booms, and blam-blams? They don't want them, and I think we don't want them too. So, who will inherit the pale blue dot? Did we inherit it from our predecessors so that it is ours now? Geeks will inherit the earth? Nay I say, I believe we don't inherit the dot, we borrow it from our successors, and you don't break something you borrow. Oh, and thanks wikipedia, have some cakes.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Here be dragons!

But there was not a dragon there, just signs, many signs. "Dragons out for lunch", "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here", "Have hope! Dragons eat candies after all", "Wait, and hope!", "The count's not coming back, pack your back and move along", "Here be candies" (and there were candies all over the field), "We want more cookies!" (the sign had a cute doodle of a cookie and a cat paw). There were cats playing around everywhere. Nothing seemed to matter to them long they have their candies and yarn balls, and milk and fishes and trees to scratch on and butter and sliced bread (rarely anything is better than that) and their purrs and furs and mountains and seas and daffodils, they needed a lot after all. But they were happy, happy cats would never run out of happy. Fascinated by their happiness, I talked to one of them "Why are you so happy?" "Vhy should ve be un-happy? Do you people are un-happy?" "Many of us are, but none of you is. How can you be so happy?" "Ve don't ask that ques-tion, zo ve can't ansver" I left that yellow cuddly cat and went to ask a particularly chubby cat whose fur looked like a tuxedo. It had something on its head that looked like a throne, and other cats seemed to revere it. "Are you the leader of the cats?" I asked. "Yies, forr This veek, next veek, it can be herr, orr him orr the otherr, ve are the same, no cat stands aboff the otherr. Ve are hap-py like that." I saw it drawing up doodles on a paper with its paw. "What are you drawing?" "This ies ourr plan to take o-ver the vorld, yies yies, ve vill get the vorld" "What are you going to do with the world?" I said while searching my jeans pocket for my spoon. "Ve vill be play-ng evry-day, of course, and have morr milk and candies and coo-kies. Ve vill be hap-py and the vorld vill also be hap-py. You people might ge hap-py tuu iff you just choose to be hap-py vith us." My spoon and I didn't agree, so I pointed my spoon to the cat's face "Listen, we humans will manage the world, and our spoon too. You cats can just be happy here, understood?" "But are you hap-py? Vill ve still have ourr can-dies, yarn balls, milk, fresh fish-es, coo-kies, butters, sliced breads, purrs, furs, mountains, seas, and daffodils? Ve vant morr flovers and fresh air, ve hate those things that go 'bang bang bang' 'ratatatata' 'boom boom' that you have. Ve don't vant that, ve vill not have that." My hand went limb and I dropped my spoon. The way the cat king talked drained all my energy and I could not say a word in protest. The cat king picked his pencil and continued doodling away merrily. I took my spoon, and pocketed it. The cats took no notice when I silently left the place.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

On a crossroad someday, somewhere...

... I met a penguin. I asked "Are you really going to take over the world?". It said "Yesh, we are going to takesh over the worldsh". As a human being, I didn't feel comfortable at the notion of being ruled by penguins, so I drew my spoon and inquired "What are you going to do with the world?". My spoon seemed to have shocked it for a moment, but it regained composure almost instantly and answered "We are going to pollutesh the earth by planting treesh and flowersh, yesh, and we willsh outlaw those noisy thingsh that go blamsh blamsh, or ratatatatatash or boomsh boomsh, we don't likesh them, yesh. We also willsh be eating cakesh, yesh, and you are notsh going to have a slicesh, yesh, not a slicesh". I was shaking, hearing their ominous plan shocked me. I didn't even have the energy to wield my spoon against it, but with little courage that I had remaining, I challenged "Show me your resolution!". And it showed me, it was strong, massive, steel-reinforced, gold-plated, chocolate coated with extra banana topping, and served with a generous amount of ice cream. "Thish be but tinysh bit of me and my kinsh resolution, we willsh have our treesh, flowersh, and cakesh... and maybe some extra ice creamsh, yesh" My 1280 x 1024 resolution didn't stand a chance against such otherworldly forces, and my stainless steel spoon was neither gold plated, chocolate coated, nor served with any ice cream. I stood defeated for a moment before my feet gave way. The penguin turned its back and left, leaving me wondering what would happen to the world if they had their way and got their trees, flowers, cakes, and ice creams... and we're not going to get a slice, not a slice.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Oh, scandal!

8 weeks over into internship, this undergrad student feels that something is missing. He begins to see more truth in the saying: "You understand how important is one thing when you lost it". Ryan misses skipping lectures so much, and he cannot lie. Skipping lectures is different than having no lectures at all. Skipping lectures involve an adventure into the subtle realm of guilt, ventures to the elusive field of oversleeping, dives to the controversial topic of forgetting lecturers' names! Sleeping in lectures is another thing, it's hands-on in espionage and ninjutsu, dashing. Moreover, I learned how to open only one eye for a prolonged period of time, for both eyes, a traditional wink ain't got no chance against that! Sorry for the professors, that didn't mean Ryan didn't enjoy the subjects, really. Ryan came to tutorials and lab sessions, and reviewed things on another time (that another time near the end of the semester, but he did!), and he handed over assignments on time too. He really enjoyed the subjects, that's why he's missing them ;_; (Oh noes, another emote in less than a week, penguin!). Projects too, Ryan enjoyed the 5-week-long DIP so much last year that he came to the lab one day after it's over just to stop some data processing that he started several days before (so much for scalable algorithm!) Have a photo of Ryan's subgroup for showing off sake, Ryan is the cute gentleman first from left. That glasses he was wearing is now broken and that made him sad, but he does not want to tell a story of that at the moment, it is just too hard for his fragile heart. Ryan is looking forward to the next semester, when he will be back in school, skipping lectures and whatnot. He also looks forward to working on the final year project, which he thinks will be exciting .Ryan believes that everyone that has done it before was excited in the beginning, but got their ego crushed at one point or another. Oh penguins, and Ryan loves his ego too.

Monday, March 5, 2007

It's really meaningful

So fly cows And swim swines And . . . moved the king two steps behind! And again fly cows . . .
Does that mean anything? Mere riff raff you say? But of course not, it's really meaningful, and deep, I tell you, real deep. You know, that means between usual routines that have been repeated again and again and again and again (cows flying and swines swimming) there are occasional subtle but oh so great events that might change the world (really, kings can move only one step each turn!). After the world is changed or cakes are eaten or bricks are thrown or your boat is float, whatever, everything goes back in its way, business as usual, with things changed or whatnot (and again fly cows). But then, when we reflect on things, there are just many many curiosities in the usual stale as a two-months-old bread routines (well, cows flying? not yet, penguin, not yet). That's not all though, when we look again at the thing that turned the world upside down, it involves an unconventional but generally unaccepted, even majorly frowned upon action (that's cheating! Put the king back where it was!). Woah, I'm deep. So rad, so dashing, makes us want to pull a royal rainbow, right, right? --------- By the way, does anyone know that the moon is made of cheese? Take a look at Google Moon, zoom to max. (Old news, but don't resist cheesiness, just don't). Now we all know why everyone wants to go to the moon.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

"Please upgrade your browser" umm, no?

For reasons I don't know, some (many) pages in the school website support only IE. I was cutely trying to login to some page, and in the login page, it told me to upgrade my browser because its version is lower than 4.0, what's wrong with version I brushed it off as ballooney and proceeded to merrily login, then bam, it gleefully gave me a blank, genius! Simple solution offered might involve firing up the other browser, or getting an addon for the fox, but that makes not an answer, because I don't want to boot the other partition >:o. See, the intensity made me use a smiley, outrageous! Now my solution is waiting for the dorm computer room to have an unused machine, oh the penguins. I wonder if the mac folks here are experiencing this kind of thing as well. You know, as a technological university by name, I thought it was reasonable to expect some things to work. Oh I have been whiny, yes, just let me for a little bit more. I think this is a golden moment to use the phrase 'a healthy dose of bricks to the face'.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Hoist your umbrellas high into the clouds~

Several weeks ago, Adilla made me listen to a collection of songs she named Rainy Days. The irony is, that was just after a longish marathon of rains for days. Talk about missing the deadline. The rain marathon has started again, and it does magick to my laundry, all kinds of black magicks! But that is not the point of this post, have a music video first (this song was included in the collection) Lyrics:
Dewa Kosong kamu seperti hantu terus menghantuiku kemanapun tubuhku pergi kau terus membayangi aku salahku biarkan kamu bermain dengan hatiku aku tak bisa memusnahkan kau dari pikiranku ini di dalam keramaian aku masih merasa sepi sendiri memikirkan kamu kau genggam hatiku dan kau tuliskan namamu kau tulis namamu tubuhku ada di sini tetapi tidak jiwaku kosong yang hanya kurasakan kau telah tinggal di hatiku di dalam keramaian aku masih merasa sepi sendiri memikirkan kamu kau genggam hatiku dan kau tuliskan namamu kau tulis namamu di dalam keramaian aku masih merasa sepi sendiri memikirkan kamu kau genggam hatiku dan kau tuliskan namamu kau tulis namamuDewa Empty you are like a wraith haunting me, always wherever my body goes you shadow me it's my fault to let you play around with my heart I can't purge you out of my mind in a crowd of people, still I feel lonely alone, thinking of you you grabbed my heart, and there you wrote your name your name... my body is here but not my soul empty is how I feel, you reside in my heart in a crowd of people, still I feel lonely alone, thinking of you you grabbed my heart, and there you wrote your name your name... in a crowd of people, still I feel lonely alone, thinking of you you grabbed my heart, and there you wrote your name your name...
Translating an Indonesian song reminds me of my merry time as a student in an english course when I was a junior high schooler. One day, our instructor (a tall, thin man who looked so light that some modest breeze might just be able to fly him) came with some ad pamphlets of some obscure mineral water brand. The ad was not the least bit interesting, but what we were going to do with it was somewhat interesting. He said that when one learns a new language, it's generally easier to translate from that language than to that language. So we were to translate the ad to english from indonesian... he gave us a dictionary, an english-indonesian dictionary (a really "it's dangerous to go alone, take this with you!" moment). It was gruesome, I cannot remember how many fell with or without honor, the words rang true to the dots and commas, screams begging for a reverse dictionary fell to deaf ears. Blood streamed, pens broke, pencils were in pieces, it was a battlefield, and our side seemed to be losing. Long story short, I managed to finish that, and it was pretty sensible to boot. I could hold high our banner and claim glory and fame and golds and all that jazz, maybe if there were no bricks lying around (but there weren't any!). It was maybe the starting point for me to begin translating my thoughts to random languages that I know or partially know (which aren't much) and mangle and butcher and generally being mean to words and sentences and things. Okay, let's get to the point of the post. It doesn't have anything to do with the title, the song, the weather, my english instructor, penguins, cats, penguins, cakes, bricks, spoon, my laundry, or black magicks. here's the point:
I'll be in that dark corner counting bricks, just in case.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


holy marshmallow yellow flying truck supermassive cabbage green dancing submarine overwhelming pepper pink spinning tanker robust toast red blazing buffalo . . . always have some bricks in the bucket, you wouldn't know when a chance comes to use them. (and don't forget the spoon)