Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's not about clock speed

And not about computers either. I noticed around last year that when I'm walking around with some friends, I'd be walking behind them all. Having nothing to add to the conversation is one thing, but there was another. The timing between my steps were longer, when the width of each step was about the same. The rest are simple maths. Now, increasing the pace was too incovenient for me, it made me lose all kinds of feels of relaxation. So the solution is: increase the width of each step! Walking has been a rhythmic satisfaction ever since. This was a successful experiment, and as other experiments, everyone should try it, no really, penguins too. It's not about the clock speed, it's about what can be done every clock cycle. Then, the experiment crept to stair-climbing. Climbing one step at a time was just too slow and tiring, try two at a time, faster and more satisfying. Or three, but you've got to have a relatively long legs for that. I'm thinking of another experiment, hope it'll go better.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reading too much fantasy... damaging.
Nameless flowers, bloom in a wide field upon the hill Falam When the flowers bloom still, bliss is upon the lands But when the last of their petals fall upon the earth and whither, The world shall be drown aflame and the people shall know only pain But if any would dare to pluck one, then humans are given hope in their despair Yet the brave and his kins will ever suffer fate sundered from the others, and live long in shadows dark as bringers of conflicts and dooms.
Instead of filling entries in my internship logbook, or begin typing the report due in a little over a month, I daydreamed that teaser. Moreover, instead of planning what to fill in the logbook or composing a rough draft of said report, I'm daydreaming the details. Now that's the damage of long commute (not lack of work, there're many things to do) and what I read during the commute, penguin. Obsession to nameless flowers is the fault of three songs:
  • Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru (Roses Fall in Beauty) by Suzuki Hiroko (it's Rose of Versailles' ending theme)
  • Ryoute Ippai (Two Handfuls) by Takehiko Inoue (not the Slam Dunk author) (Last ending for The Heroic Legend of Arslan)
  • Flower by L'Arc~en~ciel (this doesn't mention nameless flower, but three songs make longer post)
Also, it seems that what you read affects how your thoughts compose themselves when you're thinking to yourself, penguin. One more thing, the world would be a much nicer place if everyone would use penguin as a placeholder for every and any swear word (and say it with affection.) (Putting too many tags signals a multi threaded mind, no? And I did read the post aloud(yay?))

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feisty Fawn a Go Go Go!

I just upgraded my Kubuntu box to version 7.04 Feisty Fawn. Now, I thought it's good enough that I can just click upgrade, wait, reboot, and get rolling. It was fine until the reboot part, but the computer logged me in to command shell instead of the usual KDE desktop, what the PENGUIN!? The xorg.conf got b0rked, but I didn't tinker with that! Well that was resolved with: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg But not anyone would want to check out the xorg.conf file and find that tips (and I pasted that just in case.) All was good again but penguin! my resolution got b0rked now. OK, maybe that's because of the config voodoo, but now all's graphical again and fixing that was easy. Great, now we can work procrastinate again, with a prettier look too! Though the upgrade might have seemed unfriendly, I doubt it would happen to someone fresh installing the OS, and my case must've been rare. So, be not afraid, take the plunge and try the OS! Get Ubuntu (I'm waiting for my free CDs)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Manual Text to Speech Gadget

I'm talking about the mouth. I like to read aloud my new posts before posting, when I'm alone of course. That's actually a fun experiment to do, I suggest any and every blogger (and penguin) to do the same. Sometimes I catch errors too, or get some ideas to add, or get a penguin knocking my door asking if it can sing along (I'm reading, not singing. I know my voice is an ear-candy, but please.) Now, let's stretch our imagination a little bit (it's actually an excuse for something, read on). Yesterday, the crescent moon looked like a very big smile from my dorm room, like the Cheshire Cat. You know, the usual crescent moon, but slightly rotated, get imagining!. Looked somewhat ominous, yet beautiful. I tried to take a pic, but lo-res phone camera did little. It looked like a dot :( I tried to get some help too, one was helpful, the other denied that it looked like a smile, how unromantic! (oh, and I know that I am, by default.) Thanks anyway to that helpful fellow, no cookies for the other one. I went out after typing that just to see if it still looks like the Cheshire Cat, it is. That imagination stretching bit, it was an excuse for not having a photo, oh penguin.
In the land of twilight, under the moon, we dance for the idiots Ring-around-the-roses jump to the moon, we sing with the castanets . I sing for the crescent moon, dancing with the castanets For the end will come so soon, in the land of twilight In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon SEE-SAW
Now come to think of it, I haven't written anything here of the family's three cats at home.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Teach Me, Kana Sempai!

I learned to read/write Kana (that's hiragana and katakana) in junior high. A friend in crime, fun, and great justice gave me a table of the letters he got from his uncle, someone majoring in Japanese or such (can't remember). After I was pretty comfortable with the characters, I began introducing them to some other friends. The earliests to know Kana in our school were then known as Kana Sempai (Kana Senior, loosely.) We (I, mostly) then developed a curriculum-or-whatnot to spread the skill to whomever interested. One of the tests is producing the hiragana (or katakana) character table within three minutes. Other tests involved romanizing kana or kana-izing roman (but not cheap roman, uh-huh). For more post length and great justice, also for the penguins, the character table:
あかさたなはまやらわん いきしちにひみ り うくすつぬふむゆる えけせてねへめ れ おこそとのほもよろを アカサタナハマヤラワン イキシチニヒミ リ ウクスツヌフムユル エケセテネヘメ レ オコソトノホモヨロヲ
After kana, the next logical step is Kanji, of course. But the amount of characters to memorize and the complexities of lots of them made a lot of people go 'To penguin with these, I'm learning Kajiuran!'. I'm not that kind of people though, I just went 'Oh penguin, let's do this some other time'. Junior high was a rather merry time though. I had quite much spare time to grind through some Kanji. Of course, the folks at Kana Sempai get to learn some too! The first I usually tell them is this:
Love. How cute, they weren't put off by the character. You know, they were in junior high, hormones, all that stuff, and they bit the bait. I wonder how penguin are they doing nowadays.

Narn i Chîn Húrin

or The Children of Húrin, a Tolkien book finished by his son from excerpts left behind. The story is told briefly in The Silmarillion chapter Of Túrin Turambar. Found in the wild Kinokuniya, now in my cute mitts. Hardcover, Illustrated, hum hum. This'll be my early morning on-train lullaby for some time.
The story starts in Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, when Maedhros son of Feanor, a prince of the Noldor, gathered Lords of Elves and Men to wage war upon Angband, the fortress of the first Dark Lord Morgoth Bauglir. One of Human King, Húrin Thalion from Hithlum, joined the war, leaving behind his wife Morwen, son Túrin, and unborn daughter Nienor, with high hopes of victory. But the battle was lost and Húrin was taken captive by Morgoth. Defying Morgoth even in his own fortress, Húrin was tormented to look with Morgoth eyes, to witness the evil designs Morgoth wrought for his family unfold. It then tells of the unwinding of the doom Morgoth set upon Húrin's household. Let me continue after I finished reading the book. The ending of this tale as told in The Silmarillion is tragic, and it won't be different here. Oh, dark, dark tale!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blending in... hard, maybe. Well, in a gathering of people I would usually be the most passive. My mind wandering to the distance where penguins loom, followed by cats, but we all know that more penguins are behind them still, enough of that. You know, making a witty remark like, 'I think you'd better have a healthy dose of brick to the face' won't work on most occasions. For example, today's team lunch out. The others are yapping along merrily on anything and everything and I was just listening, ehk, nothing to add. Sometimes I was thinking if it's me not being talkative enough with people or that I just never have anything to say, plain and penguin. The amount of firing away like a train wreck in randomryy suggests the first to be true though. Oh well, people who have to bear with me blabbering like a full-automatic every now and then would cry 'Lies, deceit! Hearken not his words for there is poison in it!'. But really, you're just (un)lucky enough to get me in that mode. Arguably, not many people do anyway, so hopefully their screams would be drown in the static. I wonder if I ever was talkative in the distant past (like there's any past so distant for me anyway). As far as I can recall, people's comment on me would be 'silent' 'thoughtful' 'handsome' 'totally cute' 'unimaginably irresistible' you guess the lies (spoiler: there are none). Is it high time to change that? Let's just go with the flow, the penguins will make things somewhat more interesting sometimes soon anyway. Children of Hurin was released yesterday. I wonder if any bookstore in Singapore has them yet. Let's be optimistic and check one tomorrow, arr TURIN TURAMBAR DAGNIR GLAURUNGA! (end of post, you count the lies, homework!)

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm flummoxed

So have a video instead:
The title is Madoromi no Rinne (Recurring Rebirths of Sleep), sung by Eri Kawai. She has great voice, she collaborates with Yasunori Mitsuda in the album Kirite, which accompanies a book of the same name. Enough of that, go listen. Lyrics:
Madoromi no Rinne honoo sae mo itetsuita kodoku no naka motomu tamashii kara musubitsuki watashi wo koi atatamete aa inori no kotoba ga furue aa yowaki inochi ga kiete mo kurikaesu rinne no nagare tadori owaranai sekai no shukumei wo mitsumeteru kurikaeshi utawarerumono tachi yo mezamereba akago no yume mamorarete madoromu yoi fubuki no ato sukitooru umibe ni tachi omou ai no ito wa hikiyoseru hito no enishi tsumi no iro aa kanashii to iezu iwazu aa tsuyogaru wake wo oshiete toki wo machi shizuka ni futari moeru modoritakunai kako no watashi no kurushimi ni toki wo matsu negai wo kanae tamae yasurai de nemurimase to ~
~and translation:
Recurring Rebirths of Sleep I am searching in loneliness, loneliness that freezes even flames yet connected at soul, your love warms me ah, even if words of prayers should tremble ah, even if weak souls should disappear! I tread the flow of recurring rebirths, looking over the neverending destiny of the world O those who are sung again and again, if you were to awaken, it was all but an infant's dream you are protected, be at rest this evening on a clear shore after a storm, I stand in thought threads of love spin closer men's fate, the color of sin ah, sadness it should not be called, it is not ah, tell me the reason to stay strong! waiting for the time, together we burn away I do not wish to return to my past of sufferings waiting for the time, grant me my wish! I want to rest in peace ~
Posting lyrics is one of my favorite way to show off. By the way, the translation is somewhat different from how I did that around six months ago, if you are one whom I sent the translation back then, feel obligated to update it, the penguins compel you! Also, I disclaim any sort of accuracy in translation, you are on your own on this. Just don't blame the penguins. Now listen to that again, or dig up the full version of the song, or practice saying flummoxed, or all of them, your choice.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Happening!

Take a look at the video below:
The time is near, people. Get your spoons ready, must we submit to the penguin overlords before finally dancing around a tree?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fe... Fa... argh

Yesterday, work was rather laborious. Imagine, no time to experiment with power nap! But we're not talking about that. Around lunch, something nagged me terribly: Who's the name of Suikoden V prince's father, the captain of Falena's Queen's Knights? Well, I forgot. It was on the tip of my tounge, Fa... Fe... penguin! I made a note to google it up when I get back to my dorm room, and I managed to impressively forget about it for 2 episodeful (not a word) of anime, woa. But when I'm going down to the pantry to fill my water jug, which magickally emptied itself (no, of course I emptied it, but I don't want to admit that I empty it at a pace akin to a jet pump), the name just popped up, Ferid. FERID. Hoboy, Ferid Egan! Oh, satisfying! And that's Ferid. I'm not going to discuss his wife Arshtat now, it'll remind me of a scene in the game which is somewhat sad. One of the best things of Suikoden games is its economy. Usually, in RPG games, you kill monsters to get money (too many to list), or sell the loots you get from monsters for money (FF12), or get paid regularly depnding on your rank as a mercenary (FF8 and you take an exam to raise the rank!, I have a mixed feeling about this), in Suikoden you can get into trading and feel more accomplished as a war lord who controls the flow of some commodities (stocking salts for fun and profit!). If done right, you might actually be able to afford those expensive pieces in the armour shop (really, I'll jail the owner for treason given the option). Also, I just found out another talent within me: to regularly forget to pick up my notebook after I put it down somewhere in the workplace, great, we really are multi talented.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where do Train Stations Come From?

Has there been a kid to ask that? Imagine me as a kid, which I am at heart or whatnot, now you heard one asked that question. But as usual we don't begin any post with the point, which is not this point:
The story is, today I got a chance to do the train experiment; Oh, finally! This time around I hopped into the last car, and tried to move to the first car between the last three stations. It was smooth sailing to the second to first (?) car, but then I met an organic dead end, made of people! Woa there, what happened? Must've been random wonkiness that happens every now and then and again, but that got me thinking; How's usually train station designed? I'm not talking about the outer look which can be as outrageous as the designer wants, and the city planner can agree to, and the government is willing to pay (but not as the citizens would want to put up to). It's not about its interior too, same argument. It's about how they thought up the placing of the entrances to the platform. In the middle? one near one end, one in the middle, and one near another end? no entry, the platform is bricked on all sides?(!) any combination of that? Generally, I think it would be designed to distribute people approximately equally along the platform, and in turn in the train; to prevent the thing that happened to my experiment like a healthy dose of brick to the face that's long overdue, but that's common sense. I wonder when will we have sky trains nicknamed Scotty with people beamed inside when they stick out their thumb and say "Beam me up Scotty!" *snort* What kind of experiment can be done in that kind of train? Oh, suspense!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


This is post #42, the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Now, what is the question? We are here to find that out, hurry up before Captain Prostetnik Vogon Jeltz's fleet arrived and blast the earth for intergalactic highway. Deepthought calculated the answer billion years ago and we can calculate it now if need be: here Next, while we are still in post number forty-two, I would like to offer my goodbye to the fan of my PSU. It died an honorable death around yesterday noon. It first gave me a distress signal late night the day before yesterday by leaving the PSU heating while I was merrily strolling The City States of Jowston playing Suikoden 2. One final rest was given overnight and a furious effort for resurrection (cleaning dusts) was done in the morning. The final verdict was accepted earlier today. The machine it supported is now overly ventilated and a decommissioned CPU fan is taking over its duties temporarily until I can get another PSU. Goodbye old friend, may you be recycled and be useful again as something else somewhere.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

But it's not red(!?)

In memory of the untimely demise of my black pen, which was clad in a body of those from the blue kind, let us make another experiment. but first, let me tell you of a story never ever told in the past, ehm.. of the glorious life of said black pen. That pen was with me since before last festival and has served me well. Ah, that reminded me when we swerved round that corner to catch a wild self-replicating three-headed robo-bunny (no that didn't happen). Like many black pen, its shell was black, but that's borked and I gave it the shell of its blue kin which died a terrible bloody inky death. That shell survived water, fire, magick, and crop circle (ok, that's a lie). But this one is true: I inserted a mechanical pencil refill to the ink tube (if that's what it's called) to make a new breed of pencil, it has to be written that way no question please. Last week that blue shell went kaputt, so it's time to throw the thing away, right? Nay, that's the inspiration for this experiment. I have several pens, some blue, some black, or red, why not exchange their ink to make a little pen army of deception? Epic! Besides, in my internship place there are documents that have to be written with black ink. There's also a lady that's particularly 'verbose', combine that with paperwork handling, and my pen of deceit. Imagine her reaction when I try to write some paperwork with a seemingly-red ink *smirk*. (Turns out to be nothing much, but I'm facing less verbosity now. That can only be good) Also, today saw my first ever successful attempt at power napping in the workplace, yesh! Lastly, long weekend makes me backflipping genki :3

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fantasy Overload(!)

Yesterday Ryan just finished re-watching Record of Lodoss War OVA (review pending), and today he finished reading The Silmarillion, how fabulous! To top it off, he plans to replay Suikoden 2 and watch the extended version of Lord of The Rings movie trilogy this long weekend (of course, plans are subject to changes or penguins). Ryan believes that those didn't have adverse effect to his productivity in the workplace. He didn't name any variable Glaurung or had any function have several names in several elven tounges. But let Ryan admit that he named a mock data folder testpenguin, but that's irrelevant. Remember that post about a photo and a quote from Carl Sagan? It turns out there's a narrated video of it:
awww, bluedot impact! (New Experiment tomorrow)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Suspicious looking person(?)

This afternoon I was wudhu-ing (that sounds rad, no?) in a shower beside company gym, preparing for Dzuhur on the quiet staircase that might well be a good set for a horror movie. But something wasn't normal. Someone in sandal merrily came and colonized took the shower beside mine and did exactly like what I did. "Oh, Victim!" "Oh, encounter!" I know there are many fellow muslims there and I oftentimes see them on Friday but never in this fashion. We all know that I'm shy and don't talk much, but the extraordinaririty (that is not a word) of the event compelled me. (Me in pink, we all know that I'm cute). "Are you a muslim?" "Yes" "Where do you usually pray?" "Emergency staircase" "Oh, I pray on a staircase too, never seen you before, must've been different staircase" In fact, 14 weeks in and I had never seen anyone pray where I did. Something must be funny, as many other things (like funy-hat-eating clowns, for example, or surprise penguins in cakes). "Where're you from, Indonesia?" "yes!" "walah sama!" "ack" The conversation then derailed here and there as he showed me to the colony makeshift prayer room stairs, in Indonesian of course, the future language of fun and great justice. "Did you see that penguin in full pirate regalia eating like mad in the cafeteria?" "No, must've missed that" "But you did see the ship anchored outside, huh?" "Oho! so the penguins brought that" No penguin in the cafeteria and no ship outside the building, or any shore nearby while we're at it. But a penguin in full pirate regalia would be a sight to see, arr! Anyway, good discovery, too bad it can't really be used as a hidden power napping place (prolonged power napping, I mean). Thanks Ridwan!