Friday, June 29, 2007


Prodding the world with a long fork full of traces of chocolate cake. Have penguins taken over overlordship yet? No, I guess, or I'd know. The future capital of fun and great justice is still as usual, a capital, but not of fun and great justice, yet, makes me want to emphasize on the future part of future capital of fun and great justice. But we have the capital of fun and great justice in our hearts, so it wouldn't be long, would it? Well, I need to make sure I don't forget the mantra: Jangan nakal!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Future Capital of Fun and Great Justice

This Saturday I'll be going back home to Jakarta, current capital of Indonesia and future capital of fun and great justice. It's not now? well, arguably no. The city has its fair share of annoyance and injustice, but every city has that one way or the other, no? From that we arguably has no capital of fun and great justice yet. We definitely need one, and I arbitrarily picked Jakarta, only because I spent a lot of time there (okay, in randomryy we ought to say 'just because' instead of giving a reason, but doing that all the time gives predictability to the blog, which only detracts from its self. One more thing, I have a feeling that doing this is against the concept and kills the joke. To all that I only have one word, of course, PENGUIN!) So when will it be the capital of fun and great justice? At the very late, after the second world take over by penguins, after cats, which is after the first world take over by penguins. After the dancing around the tree part, every part of the world is a place of fun and great justice, I did say I picked Jakarta arbitrarily, right? After all, the fire of the revolution that leads to us three species to be friendly will be incited after the quest of Our Beloved Fantastic Teacher The Great and Kind Penguin of Passion and Willpower. In Planet Earth of Passion and Willpower, any city can be and is a capital of something awesome or another. Now, in alternate universe which is somewhat more likely if penguins won't develop intelligence as fast as needed to take over the world soon (we know they're not likely to lag in the developing intelligence part, look). Jakarta will be the capital of fun and great justice when we finally have our beloved Candyland, where live is sweet and peace lasts forever. The soonest it can happen? When Jakartan wish it and work to that end, that is, when the capital of fun and great justice is in our hearts, it will indeed be before our eyes. Another thing about the capital of sun and great justice. Rainbow there doesn't have only 7 colors (counting from 0, it fits exactly in 3 bits), it has 255 colors (that's 8 bits, yay). I need to confess a lie though. I don't live in Jakarta. The Place I live in is, shortly, just in the outside part of the border between Jakarta and the neighboring province, West Java. But because I went to school in Jakarta and found myself in Jakarta again and again whenever I went out ...when thing happens it happens. Holiday means I'll be part time student, full time gamer, full time glutton, and full time lazy person. When you have that many full time things like that, you'll begin to wonder if you're having a holiday or not, penguin? I'll be having Final Year Project materials with me, but I don't think I'll be done reading them by holiday end, I can still make the effort, of course, hopefully over a generous piece of chocolate cake. Academic year end also means, besides the holiday, some melancholy. It means I would have to move to another dorm room (I'm the type of person who just can't stay in the same room for two consecutive years), and it also means that I would have to be separated from my computer during the holiday, having only the hard disk near me is not the same. With no offense intended, my computer is like my #1 roommate these past two years. The other roommates that really used the other bed and needed organic power supply were like just the other person in the background, again with no offense. Now while I'm in the mood, let's have a music video. Sayounara by L'Arc~en~ciel:
The video looks like it has some significance to the existence of the band at some time. I'm no good at that, really, I'm the type of person who doesn't keep track of the history of a band he's fond of. I can't really recall who're the people that has come and gone to L'Arc, neither can I recall how many FICTION JUNCTION Yuki Kajiura has had.
Anyway, straight to translation:
spread the wings and fly to the small sky the time is moving silently, bidding farewell to the morning and ride on the wind perhaps we played ignorant though we were also innocently spirited we were gazing at this time from somewhere all along once again, please, smile, forget your worries aren't you quiet today? though I really want to go back to those days, we'll meet again, thank you for now, goodbye fireworks fluttering down are laughing as an ornament, one last kiss if I keep quiet I'm afraid I'll be in tears, so please once again, please, smile, don't shiver raise your face when a new season comes, we'll meet again thank you, I love you... goodbye
Actually I picked the song more or less just for one line near the end: 'when a new season comes, we'll meet again'. Yeah, we'll meet again, my computer, classes, projects, school, penguins (okay no, penguins are coming along). Then again holiday means I get to see the family's three cats. One who loves sleeping on carpet, one who looks like carpet, and one whose attitude makes it look like it can ruin the carpet anytime. I wonder if they miss me, well they should. When you sleep on my bed whenever I'm away, you should _really_ miss me, or off to the carpet you go har har har. I'll try to check my emails everyday around midnight and post something here from time to time. If I can't be reached that'd mean I'm out of town, out of energy, out of happy (happycat can run out of happy, unfortunately), or out of luck (they some in plastic bottles, have you had your bottle of luck today?)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Background Noise

Internship ended (and it was raining). Time to get on to final year project! But first, holiday! But this post is not about FYP or holiday. I maintain a big playlist in my music player and put it at random. Whenever there's a song that caught my attention, I listened to it again and again from time to time. So, in the spirit of experimentation, what are the top 5 played songs? 1. Eien by L'Arc~en~ciel 2. Ryoute Ippai by Kazuhiko Inoue 3. Yuukyou Seishunka by ALI Project 4. Nusumenai Houseki (music by Yasunori Mitsuda) 5. Garasudama by L'Arc~en~ciel We talked about Yuukyou Seishunka before. I managed to find videos for Eien and Nusumenai Houseki, see below:
Nusumenai Houseki:
With that you should agree that I am cute and have a good taste, thank you very much.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lost in a Desert

A sequel to this.

In the quest to bring passion and willpower to all earthling, The Great and Kind Penguin of Passion and Willpower once had to cross a desert. He said that the deserts of the world would be turned into the most beautiful garden when the hearts of people were filled with passion and willpower.

He wasn't accompanied by any supply of dessert in the crossing, but his bear and penguin students were with him, also his pet ice cube. His pet ice cube, which didn't have a name, was called the master's pet ice cube by everyone. It was no ordinary ice cube. For one, it belongs to The Great and Kind Penguin of Passion and Willpower. It's also huge, two meters tall, across, and deep. One, two, or twelve hundred deserts wouldn't be able to melt it; it froze itself with sheer willpower, and passion of course.

There were many desperate cacti, lizards, scorpions, and grains of sand in that desert. The Master Penguin Willpower commanded all his students to light a blazing fire in every single one of their hearts, and they did so with much gusto.

Too bad for them, their side mission delayed their journey and water was running short. Finally they were left with no water in the middle of the desert, without a single oasis in sight. After three weeks, they were at their edge. Their passion and willpower were overflowing as ever, but without any treatment to their dehydration, their flame would eventually die out, along with their dream of earth filled to the brim with passion and willpower.

Knowing this, the master's pet ice cube couldn't stay still. It shared much passion in the quest, and seeing it come to reality was one of its strongest personal wish as well. So when the convoy was at their limit, the ice cube talked to Master Penguin Willpower; it wanted to let itself melt to save the lives of the master and his students. The Great and Kind Penguin of Passion and Willpower told this to his students, his painful expression wrenched the hearts of his students. "The cycle of nature rules that I shall return to mother earth. If chance be kind, may we meet again at happier time at home, in arctic. If not, please know that I will be a part of our new planet overflowing with passion and willpower. Goodbye, beloved master and dearest friends, goodbye!" Said the ice cube to the Master Penguin Willpower and his students before it let itself melt under the scorching sun.

The group then drank and filled their water jugs. They were again physically strong, but their hearts were broken. They marked the place where the ice cube melted as its grave and gave the ice cube a name, The Noble Ice Cube of Love and Sacrifice. At the grave they swore to make their dream a reality, and that no one shall be thirsty in the new world of passion and willpower. Not a single one wept that day, they all thought that if they could weep, they could keep going and be nearer to the realization of their, and the Noble Ice Cube of Love and Sacrifice's, dream.

After the quest was completed, and the Earth was called Planet Earth of Passion and Willpower, that desert was turned into a garden where all kinds of flowers bloomed all year. On the grave of The Noble Ice Cube of Love and Sacrifice, a tall tower was erected. Its interior was fitted to be a museum of the quest for passion and willpower, and on its top was built a magnificent memorial for the Noble Ice Cube. Sometimes The Great and Kind Penguin of Passion and Willpower would climb alone to the top with the staircase. He would never use the lift to visit the memorial, he said that reminiscences of his dearest friend has to be earned with hard labor. Whenever he was on top, he would stay a night to relish his old days with The Noble Ice Cube of Love and Sacrifice, and often tears fell to his cheek.