Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Half Mad, Half Not So Mad

Mad people don't have a care for the world, so they're happy, right? We should all be mad! Maybe not, if they're happy should they be mad in the first place? Then we mustn't be mad? Like there's a healthy dose of brick, there should be a healthy dose of madness as well. Have you got yours?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't Stare at the Title

practise this new one: Demi Elektronika, Algoritma, Cinta, dan Dunia! (It's "for electornics, algorithm, love, and the world", but it doesn't rhyme that way) May we inspire awe in the minds of our peers and strike fear in the hearts of our adversaries.

Friday, July 27, 2007

GO GO GO Drama Machine!

I don't watch TV much, only when I'm back home in Jakarta. Even then there are much, very much, to be desired from Indonesian TVs. Most stations look like huge assembly lines of cheap dramas, clicking and whirring all the time churning out more and more dramas. One station even named itself as an education channel, but it's the station I least expect to stumble some educational material upon.

If you think about it, they make so much of them, some has got to be good. If that's the case, then we might be able to sell the rights overseas, effectively exporting dramas. Well, we're actually doing that, but the scale's not that big, I guess, I was asked by a canteen lady in campus to translate the title of an Indonesian drama she watched once about two and a half years ago.

Besides, there's a massive barrier from capitalising the produces of our drama machines. A lot, a whole lot, of them are adaptation, ehm ripoff, from foreign series. I lost count, my little sister has a knack of guessing what drama ripped off what foreign series. Surely people in their right mind wouldn't want to see the same show twice if there's not a significant retelling or at least a polite amount of new materials.

Even worse, a lot of those "adaptation" actually continues the story, turning into a sick kind of fan fiction in the name of capitalization, ha! Only there, as far as I know, can be a series with hundreds upon hundreds of episodes, each finished filming only days before airing. Planning seems to be some kind of curious alien being which is interesting to look at but not for anything else. "We should plan for this series? are you quite right in the head?" Oh the irony.

When the drama machine is down for maintenance, refueling, or whatnot, there are usually gossips. They cutely call them infotainments but for all purpose, they' re gossips, plain and penguin. The penguin do I want to know that some random mister actor just married some random miss singer who was divorced from another mister songwriter who ran off with his new boyfriend mister talk show host who had a chocolate cake as a pet, but he ate it. They can or can't sing, can or can't act, can or can't write good songs, that's that, no? Maybe instead of reporting it plainly they should gather all those gossips and make a parody series out of the materials. It'd have more production value, and can maybe be sold as a pure comedy series.

Of course, there are some quality shows out there. None of them is drama, mind you. News Dot Com (Republik Mimpi) is brilliant, Extravaganza is interesting, Wisata Kuliner is ... maknyus? News Dot Com, by the way, has a youtube channel, apparently from MetroTV itself, isn't it wonderful?

I dream of a time when Indonesian can watch TV and feel entertained and smarter afterwards, instead of cursing wildly and passionately at the antagonist of a drama whose character is so cliched one can't help but think that the writers just copy-pasted each other's manuscript. Hey, I dream of these kind of things too beside generous servings of chocolate cakes, ice creams, and candies.

Eye Candies

Why eye candies? Not eye ice creams? Or eye chocolate cake? they're good too, and sweet to boot! I'm back at school a happy gamer when I really should be a hard working student. Well, hard working, hard to put to work, penguin. Something about Suikoden openings, I was just reminded how beautiful Suikoden III's opening was. video:
The animation was done by Gonzo, an anime studio which produced Last Exile and Gankutsuou among other titles (Those two were gorgeous). The opening for other Suikoden games aren't as memorable as Ai Wo Koete in Suikoden III (which means Transcending Love). La Mer in Suikoden IV was okay, Wind of Phantom in Suikoden V was not making me want to see it again and again and again. Judge for yourself. (Notice that I left out Suikogaiden games)
La Mer:
Wind of Phantom:
I think abandoning the 2D animated opening was a bad move on the developer's side, penguin, look at what's happening to the prince's eyes in Suikoden V opening, penguin. Let's talk about the story and gameplay some other time. Suikoden VI has to take place after Suikoden III, I believe everyone is more eager to know what happens next than what happened before. Lastly, there are Hugo and Lily in the very end of Harry Potter book 7. I wonder if Rowling knows that Hugo from the grasslands travels with Lilly from Tinto for a while in Suikoden III? Penguin, must've been nerdery [sic] at work.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cold and Sweet

I managed to get more submarines, yay. Submerge away in the vinegar! I've been having ice creams every night this past week. Tell you what, the world needs a lot more ice creams, for peace, love, passion, and willpower of course.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Submarine and Vinegar

They get along really well. Wish I could have many many many more *slurps* Quite probably the best thing after sliced bread and pure canned awesome.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Pride of a Robot

The best kind of robots is a those that transform and combine, extra bonus if they breathe fire and painted pink. A robot which lacks the capability to transform, combine, or both would be having problem with its self esteem and would seek compensation from other things, warring with other robots for example. That was the basic plot of the Transformers movie, at least if I'm in charge of writing. Let us now stop making absurd assumptions and talk about something else. I am not a movie-going guy, I usually only go if some friends ask me to go along, which frequency is about twice a year, har har. But today, I did the inviting. We planned to watch robots who lack the ability to combine, but at least they transform. But that's before we knew that the new Harry Potter film was on. Well, the film has nothing to do with pottery and Harry is not a clay artisan, penguin who came up with that idea? How was the film? Read a review, har har har. Anyway, Alastor Moody's got a Harley broomstick (Harley Davidson makes broomstick? beat me). Dumbledore reminds me of Gandalf, but Albus' got a lot more style around him. Dolores Umbridge has a lot of cats and kittens pictures in her office. Cat lovers can't be too bad, maybe she's just brought up the wrong way but is actually a good person deep down inside. Sirius dies, he kind of reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow. Dumbledore, you're next. Crookshanks is cute, most cats are. Mister Weasley wears a funny hat. Vernon Dursley looks like a katamari. Harry ruined Dudley's first kiss with a dementor, but Dudley can't hope to crash Harry's first kiss with Cho. Sometimes justice seems to be lazy. Luna Lovegood's style of strangeness can be a good experiment material. The most interesting thing is this, I think Death Eaters would make a great rock band. They have the look and the number. Well talking about number, they have enough to make a rock orchestra, but a band is good enough with the amount featured in this film. Voldemort must look good with a yellow electric guitar, Lucius Malfoy can take up the bass, Bellatrix Lestrange can sing, some random minion can be the drummer and the rest can dance in their first music video, fabulous! Let's stop talking about the movie before it deranges into some random jabbering about Harry and Voldemort's twisted love affair ("You can never know love or friendship" "I feel sorry for you" "But I can teach you in time" (last statement didn't make it to the movie)). Thanks all for coming, my little sister and her two friends, my cousin, and Apret. Thanks for the Mona Lisa poster, I still think my smile is sweeter. And surely I passed the screening by fashion police, no?