Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Enigma, it is

You know what's expected from a blog written by a student like me? Whining over assignments, coursework, and finals. Because this is Randomryy, we should... do just that, right? but of course, penguin.

Interim report and essay assignment (about combinatorial optimization, no less. What the penguin is that?) due in a week, design report in two weeks (and it's NOT graphic design), and festival being just around the corner (oooh, which corner? Should we cut corner? Call the coroner, someone and his crony choked on corn, they say the mighty cron mandated so!)

The enigma? why am I typing away here instead of somewhere else, in the report document, for example? Penguins know not, maybe I should do just that. It's like the right activity in the wrong window, feels so ...surreal.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One-fifth of a Century

Counting it in century feels somewhat grander. I'm two decades old now, officially not a teen, fabulous. Makes me think, it's kind of a big milestone and I should do something about it, reduce procrastination for example, or eat more chocolate cakes, maybe.

Now, if there is someone 20 light years away from here and equipped with something to see the surface of the earth, she might be able to see me born, grow up, go to school, asking silly questions, breaking things, experimenting, etc; I'm going to sue her through intergalactic court for stalking and get a cosmic amount of compensation. Oh the possibilities!

Now, for Elektronika, Algoritma, Cinta, dan Dunia! Let's cry a lot this year, Battle Cry that is; YAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR!

Down the trail of the beasts, roar along lions and tigers! (see here)

Bulldoze every resistance! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR!

Can't stop the current! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR!


Burn all impedance! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR!





CAPS! Uuuum, nay.

All that shouting is tiring, let's just sit down and do nothing for the remainder of the weekend (and all that high spirit goes off with a poof *poof*).

On an unrelated note, watch this video:

Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?

Well, are you? Try to think up something not politically correct. Now, are you?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I did NOT Procrastinate

Say Hi to your new Lesser Overlord

Well, maybe a little.

A little now, a little then, a little again. In average: a little; that can't be too bad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Robots

Does emotion make a being more intelligent? We humans are intelligent beings, we are also emotional beings, are we less intelligent were we emotionless? Does artificial intelligence need emotion?

Those were the questions discussed in an AI class one sunny day at school. Well, without curiosity and ambition, we would be stuck in the stone age hunting some beast for dinner and not caring about pollution or global warming, but without computers, video games, books, you name them. So emotion kind of works for us, will it work for our intelligent robots too?

Certainly, we wouldn't want our hard-labor-robots to feel overworked, we don't want our repetitive-task-robots to feel bored, we absolutely don't want our nuclear-plant-operative-robots to feel suicidal, but we want our pet robots to be happy at times, sad at times, playful most of the time, etc. Emotionless pet robot (the likes of AIBO) doesn't make a good pet!

Emotional pet robots have actual use in mental/psychological treatment, or for lonely people who are allergic to fur or the likes (and maybe allergic to other people too). So the answer is really simple then, give just the right emotion for the purpose the robot is to serve. We can have invariably happy farming robots, constantly cheerful helpdesk robots, etc.

Okay, so given the technology, should we build an emotional robot? Emotional in the sense that it is emotional like us, not some selected purpose driven emotion. Some would argue what need do we have of that kind of robots, we have plenty, plenty, of emotional (normally or overly) humans out there, and their number grows by the day!

Emotion doesn't have to be an exclusive feature of organic intelligent beings, does it? After all, emotion boils down to the levels of various chemicals in our system. We're happy because certain chemical has a high concentration, sad when some chemical is in low concentration, etc. Personally, I'd say "build away!" to the question earlier. It might sound like a more academic version of "strike first, ask questions later", or a prime example of the opposite of the saying "Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you have to do it".

Think of the possibilities. We can have Emotional Robot Penguins from Outer Space, ...which runs on chocolate cake. Awesome! Robot, Penguin, Outer Space, Chocolate Cake, happy around the clock, it's like having every single cake in existence and getting to eat them too!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Memorable Days

Sometime over a month ago, a friend out of the blue pulled a question out of thin air: "Why don't you keep a journal?" Umm, why the penguin should I keep a journal, troublesome to the power of penguins? Approximately that was my response, it had less penguins though. You know, I have too much to do, like, procrastinating and oversleeping, and don't forget gaming with reckless abandon, oh, there are these nice things called classes, projects, and assignments too, almost forgot about that ...not!

My super-penguin-class laziness aside, the idea is actually interesting. How much do I remember of a Saturday last month? last year? last decade? How much do you remember? Given how forgetful I am, I'd rather not go beyond decade. That way, keeping a journal might just make sense, but we need a compromise.

So I came up with a solution. Everyday I'd write a sentence most representative of the day, that is, a description of event or thought I felt most strongly during the day. It's been going on for more than a month now, but it's me, I often write a day's sentence two days after, the memory's not as fresh by then, no? (Of course not, Ryan is always fresh and refreshing!) The contents contain very little amount of penguin, much less healthy dose of bricks to the face, certainly not randomryy material. Anyway, I'll keep at it as long as it's interesting. Penguin, I'll need some reference when I'm important enough to get a biography of me written.