Friday, November 30, 2007

Courage and Tenacity (1)

Although sonny bear had always known that he didn't want to be a president, his parents' urge made him act as if the prospect was interesting, interesting enough to put some effort in. With the whole act, he made Papa Bear and Mama Bear happy for some time, not to mention the act made him relatively diligent and perform nicely at school.

Bear Jr. was inherently lazy. He didn't actually have a dream he wanted to achieve. If he could help it, life should consist of a lot of naps, meals, and snacks, and little of anything else. That exactly was why Mama and Papa Bears' stellar expectation of him important. Well, that was until their little sonny bear worked up an aspiration for himself, because after that he would be working hard even without all the urging.

But for mama and papa bear, the drive was all in the wrong direction. Why? We need to know what bear Jr. wanted to be to know why. One particularly warm Saturday evening, teen bear Jr. asked his father what was his hobby when he was a semi-little bear like he was then. Papa Bear went to the storeroom (a very mysterious place for bear Jr., he thought he might find some dinosaur fossil with party hats and funny shoes if he searched the place long enough) and retrieved an old acoustic guitar. He then told Bear Jr. that when he was his age, he played guitar for a massively-heavy metal band. The name was "The Daisies and Daffodils".

Eager Bear Jr. then asked the only thing worth asking immediately after the revelation: "Play me a song!". Papa Bear obliged and jammed parts of his favourite band song that he could still recall (which was quite much!) with the dusty detuned guitar. The song itself was not some awesome material, but the fervor and passion in which Papa Bear played it made it sound like it was the best song ever composed in the whole Sovereign Arctic Republic.

Mama Bear came along and added to the story. She said she was a fan of the band, and that she first met papa bear after a little concert that first brought the band to the attention of the youngsters then, oh and that she helped compose the song papa bear just played. The nostalgia story then goes on to how the band had quite a solid fanbase, how they almost hit it big time, and their eventual flop. What, they flop? How?

Well, they have to flop, else Papa Bear would be a massively-heavy metalist touring the world blowing the minds of concert-going people everywhere, not a professional and authoritative but largely unknown chef he is now. The reason was simple. "The Daisies and Daffodils". The band was known for its edge, its strong lyrics, its loud, raging, fearsome sounds, and its fearless, rough-edged members, the fans loved that. Then they found out what daisies and daffodils meant. English was not so much used over there then, except for bears and penguins dealing with foreign partners. Its use in pop culture was mostly in an attempt to look cool, and they mostly failed at just that. The band knew what a daisy was, but they thought daffodil was a name for a scary beast or something. "The Daisies and Daffodils" was meant as an ironic name, like "The Strawberries and Alligators", or "The Bananas and Raptors".

Back to the important part. That evening Papa Bear gave his son his old guitar, said that he might like doing music in his spare time. But Bear Jr.'s mind was filled with visions of splendour, of fame. He decided on the spot that he wanted to be a rocker. Not metalist? time changes, and there wasn't any semiconductorist at the time (wait metal, rock, semiconductor, we're on to revolutionize the music industry! wait for ceramicist and superconductoror!). That drive was what Mama and Papa Bear thought to be all in the wrong direction (Obviously, they didn't know how epic would a rocking president be!).

Bear Jr. didn't tell his parents of his new found ambition right away. He knew enough that he can't just hop on to be a president after he's done being a rocker, and he didn't expect to stop being a rocker at all when he made it big. Ambitious little sonny bear practised every single night with his guitar. He didn't seem to improve much, but his drive was as strong as ever and that was what really mattered.

One day Mama Bear told him to study more and play less, and that he wouldn't be playing guitar much when he's president anyway. Bear Jr. then realized that he couldn't keep acting like he's interested in being a president, he wanted to be a rocker and that's that. Leave presidency to some other bear or penguin, he's going to rock the world! So Bear Jr. mustered up the courage to tell his mother about his life goal.

We all know how it went. Mama Bear got angry, Bear Jr. left home in an adventure to be a super fantabulous legendary epic rockstar of the millennium, and Papa Bear was afraid to go home. We also know Papa Bear's quest and its eventual end. But how about Bear Jr.'s adventure? That's for part 2 of course.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Two events left in the festival. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad. I mean, the festival's ending! The thrill is ending! But, after that, it's holiday!

No, not quite. After that, it's back to the lab for final year project. I've got a lot of catching up to do too!

Anyway, besides making things digitally, I do doodles in analog too. With pencil, pen, paper, the classic things. So it's just fair for my ego that I get to show off some analog works too!

Can't you feel the passion and willpower overflowing from the picture to the left? No? Well, at least don't let it haunt your sleep as a nightmare. One more edit below for more impact!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unexpectedly ...Catchy

I don't follow Indonesian music scene. Not out of conviction, belief, or make-belief rule. It's just the barrier, physical, mental, hordes of penguins. At least I can depend on my sister which musicians are ear-safe and which aren't whenever I'm back home.

We discussed about one Indonesian song before. Now, let me bring you another from the same group. But first, some words of warning, the video might not be the most 'right' thing for some people and penguins, so some open mind might be needed. Also open air if you'd like to get some breeze, or open heart when you found out that I was exaggerating.

And so, enjoy Laskar Cinta!

As usual, lyrics:

Love Brigade

O calm soul, be wary
be wary of hearts full of hatred you can't fathom

for truly Mephistopheles lives and dwells
in hearts full of hate, in hearts full of prejudice

love brigade, spread seeds of love!
exterminate viruses of hate
viruses that can crush souls
and rot hearts

love brigade, preach of love!
for love is the nature,
and radiant path for
all of humankind

when enmity runs in your veins
enmity to fellow humans
truly the beast,
reigns over you

no, do not wish
for me to show affection
or to pity those
full of spite like you

O calm soul, don't you ever imitate the Almighty
by administering justice and passing judgments
truly you have not the power and effort,
and might to decide righteousness

are we not created men and women,
tribes and nations that surely differ?
are we not to comprehend and respect each other,
not to be sundered and battling bearing arms?

Heheh, I kinda like how they made Once run to the mike in the earlier part of the clip and arrive just in time to blast away with the refrain. With this, my list of translated Dewa songs reach a whopping length of ...three.

Much credit for,, and, handy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recess in Festival?

Impossible! But we can still relax, no? An hour, two, three, four, twenty-four. Anyway, the festival is halfway done. I'm not saying if the events fit into hard, very hard, exceptionally hard, immensely hard, insanely hard, or PENGUIN HELP IT'S TOO HARD category, but the whole of it so far was enjoyable, really.

Burning the younger part of the evening in the library, I found myself interacting with people I don't usually meet; people from other schools, mostly. Exciting, in a way, we are frustrating together, but for different things surreal. And when it's closing time, I return to my cave and say to myself, "the night's still young", sleep late, and wake up early the following day, early lunchtime, that is.

Good event calls for a good battle cry, and I said sometime past let's cry a lot this year: battle cry. Old favourite was 'SEMANGAT!' but then Ayu told me a more refined one 'BERJUANG!', my current favourite, thank you very much for the advice. I recommend all to try it, not just for festival of course.


In another topic (see we have to maintain incoherence around here). Dilla gathered last few days (time frame is my assumption, falsity is ...a penguin's fault) some adjectives to describe my senior high classmates, all nine of them! (I know it's just nine, but I'm trying to make it sound many now) Let's see what she got for my description (translated for ...obfuscation?):

Ryan: weird, lightning-fast, hard to predict, little bit autistic, introvert, nice ...cold but actually do care, lack expression, unknown, abnormal.

Whoa, I learned new things about me, super! Let's dissect them, maybe we can find out more.

  • Weird, as in ...a creep? I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, I listen to Radiohead~
  • Lightning-fast, I like how it sounds. Wonder what's it about, walking speed, talking speed, eating speed, time needed to wake up? Whatever I like the vibe.
  • Hard to predict, I need to maintain an image here in randomryy.
  • little bit autistic, I actually looked up wikipedia about autism; hope the word was used very loosely.
  • Introvert, no objection, the defense rests.
  • nice ...cold but actually do care, awww, that's sweet. See, I'm a good person!
  • Lack expression, the defense rests.
  • Unknown, at least my name is known.
  • Abnormal, arguably I don't really want to be normal, so that's a praise.

Oww this is the kind of experiment I can't think up. Admittedly, I had some difficulty doing my part in the survey (what kind of horrible classmate are you? Ryan-like kind, I guess). Something great is, no one said I'm lazy! I must've done a good job hiding that 'feature'.

Given the chance I would so wear a badge that says "Careful, I'm an expressionless, lightning-fast weirdo". Wait, maybe I should stick a post-it note on my forehead that says just so, NEW EXPERIMENT!

Now, I really need to get back to the festival.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Azure and Eleventy-One

The song above is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger/Cross, Xenogears, and Xenosaga fame, sung by Eri Kawai whom another song have been featured once before.

From the work Kirite, a book with a soundtrack (yes, isn't it awesome). The story is written by Masato Kato, someone who's involved in many great games, including Chrono Trigger/Cross and Xenogears. A shame I don't know enough Japanese to read the story.

The quality of the Youtube clip doesn't do it much justice, but I just have to post about it. Obsessive-compulsive, aren't we penguins. Anyway, for those who want to sing along, the lyrics:


damatte miageru hatenaku aoi sora
ryoute wo hirogete mienai tsubasa de habataite

ashita kono hoshi wo miushinatte mo

aeternus futari ni nokosareta kono yume wa
indelebis kogoeru tane no you ni mezameru toki wo matsu yo

furimuku senaka ni kirameki shiroi kaze
tashika na omoi mo kotoba ni kaeru to kowaresou

ashita watashi tachi kiete itemo

aeternus kono me ni kizamareta isshun wa
indelebis haruka na tabi no hate ni kanarazu mai oriru yo

aeternus futari ni takusareta kono yume wa
indelebis mou ichido umare kawaru sekai wo migomotte

aeternus kono me ni kizamareta isshun wa
indelebis mou ichido sabita toki no tobira tataku

And for justice, ice creams, and chocolate cakes, the translation:

The Azure

In silence I gaze upon the boundless azure sky
spread my arms and take flight with invisible wings

be it that tomorrow I may lose sight of this planet

aeternus the dream left behind for us
indelebis like a frozen seed, is waiting for the time of awakening

turning around, I find sparkling white wind blowing
even the most certain of thoughts would shatter if put to words

be it that tomorrow we may cease to be

aeternus the one moment carved to my eyes
endelebis will surely carry on to the end of this long journey

aeternus the dream left behind for us
endelebis is bearing the rebirth of the world

aeternus the one moment carved to my eyes
endelebis knocks on the rusty door of time once more

By the way, this is post number eleventy-one, a cute number.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gibboning Done, Success!

The newest version of Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) was released in a hectic Thursday sometime late in October. I tried upgrading online, but penguin! The download was slooow. I remember setting it to download from Singapore server (which is hosted in that other university), I guessed there's just no way it could be slow, but it is, plain and penguin!

So in the name of maintaining sanity and preventing me from obsessive-compulsively checking the progress every other minute, I aborted the upgrade. I have some live CD ordered, I can live with the Fawn for some time while I wait for them. Oh, and anyone can order the live CD from their site for free, free CD, free shipping, but it takes a month to arrive. Or you can just download the CD (or torrent the DVD) and burn (or mount) it yourself.

Well, the CDs finally arrived, and I tried to upgrade. Guess what, I should use the alternate CD to upgrade, so I can't use the CDs I got. Ouch, attention pays off. Anyway, I pulled the alt CD from their site and upgraded (ask Google or the penguins how, I'm showing off new OS here, not writing a review).

Everything seems well but for two crucial things: Amarok (music player) and Kopete (IM) are broken. Before I pulled some updates that is. Sigh, those are my favorite things too. Well, arguably I'm not the most careful of computer user, so let's let it slip. After all, the upgrade to Feisty Fawn half a year ago broke my X window and forced me to log in with command line only.

They change the default file manager from Konqueror to Dolphin too. Pretty as it is, I have some enmity with Dolphin because it can't *penguin* sort by type. Let's see how it goes for some time, I'd either switch back to Konqueror or get used to Dolphin.

Now, what's a gibbon? Well, this is a gibbon:

Well, if I want to have an OS named after cats I would have to go for a Mac and OSX (Leopard). There goes the hope for Ubuntu *.04 Calico :3 (with the emote). Maybe we should have a distro called LOLnux, written entirely in LOLCode, and all graphics are LOLCats, what a dream!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Exit to Sleep is the Other Way

Alertness-in-a-can. A cup of awake. Anti-lethargy aqueous mixture. Whatever it goes by with.

Caffeine. It's useful like a Swiss knife to many sleepiness/lethargy -related ailments, except that it's not a knife, and not from Switzerland. Preparation for the festival leaves me with little to no option against employing its service, done so enjoyably.

Don't tell me about its risks first; chances are I'm not gonna listen anyway.

And for a healthy dose of unrelated content: