Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heron :)

Near weekend last week, the latest version of Ubuntu: 8.04, Hardy Heron, was released. That means UPGRADE TIME! I had some reservation as the last upgrade to 7.10 last October didn't go too well for me, not to mention the millennia it took to fetch all the data. But of course, I went ahead and pushed the upgrade button. It's ridiculously simple; I just needed to check for updates, then push the version upgrade button when it's shoved to my screen. Try doing that to 'upgrade' from XP to Vista. Details are here and here (Kubuntu), if you care for it.

The upgrade went smoothly in under two hours (IIRC), that's lovely. Now, what's new? About that anyone can find it all over the internet. Let me talk about what's noticeable for me. From 7.10, Ubuntu uses compiz-fusion for fancy desktop effects like cube, wiggly windows, etc, but I have been ignoring that and kept the basic KDE desktop. This time, I thought to try out some fancy eye candy for myself and turned on compiz-fusion. It's pretty :3. I spent the remaining of the night playing around with the effects, turning this and that on, then off, then tweaking things, exciting! Well, it didn't last long. I realized I have a dinosaur of a hardware (especially my GPU), so turning on the prettiness cost me some dear responsiveness, so now I'm back to the usual KDE desktop. See you next upgrade.

Enough with that. The other change that is close to me is the change to Firefox 3 Beta 4. Beta. They decided to use a beta software? I read many good things about Firefox 3b like this for example, but there's this feeling of unfinished-ness that's bugging me the first hours I used it. Sure the interface blends nicely with the OS and I don't need the Firefox widget tweak anymore, the awesome bar is awesome too, but mouse gesture add-on not working gets to me real quick. It's fortunate that the good people developing the add-on has a version that works on Firefox 3 here, though they say it's still buggy. I've been using it quite intensively the past days and have had no qualms at all, that's wonderful. Now I really like it. I think everyone should try it, and when you do, try typing about:robots in the address bar.

No other problem and I feel somewhat back flipping genki now. Lastly, as is the tradition, Heron is an animal name. What is a Heron? Here is one (I didn't know what a Heron is before!):

Still waiting for Calico or Tabby, but whatever (we still have Mac OSX for cats).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inspired Procrastination

How best to procrastinate? Play minesweeper! Play solitaire! Browse around aimlessly! Browse reddit! Those are pretty standard and don't give enough justification to satisfy the self. I can't be playing minesweeper while thinking that this will give me an advantage when the penguins invade our cities, or help me in a one-to-many bout against a tank-full of shark with lasers.

You know, that first paragraph was just a way for me to procrastinate saying what I want to say. Enough with the suspense. A friend introduced me to TED, a site for talks (TEDTalks, as they call it) by people presenting their ideas (ideas worth spreading, they say), and _that_ is my favorite new way to procrastinate, and get inspired as a nice extra.

For example this talk by Clifford Stoll about anything and everything. He said something that sounds like: one who does something for the first time: scientist, second time: engineer, third time: technician, and because he's a scientist, after he does something once, he moves on to something else. Also, he jumps around a lot. Oh, he also said that kindergarten teachers, especially experienced ones, know how society would look like in the future, ask them things.

There are, of course, a lot more interesting things there, but if I write about it here, I'd be promoting the site too much, and taking a lot of fun from your procrastination time, wouldn't I? I'm not that evil (yet), so put off what you're doing for later, relax, and browse TED.

(This message was not endorsed by TED)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Wrath of One Million Kittens

I'm in my last festival. The word 'last' sometimes gives me melancholy, but what good a melancholy would bring in the middle of a festival, when one is supposed to have fun? The way it should be is to face it bravely, with the wrath of one million kittens. Their wrath will scorch the land and shadow the sky. Be afraid.

Four events in total, three are done within a week, last week. That was a lot of excitement. Let's just leave other details as mysteries. Only, it's not me against musuh besar, musuh lebih besar, musuh sangat besar, dan gajah bebuyutan, we all get along well. The circuit and us are one after all!

After I'm done with festivals, I wonder if anyone would take the term and use it for themselves; it's really a waste to call an event as exciting as this anything short of "Festival". Just about the whole university is excited in its preparation and execution, all want to participate, all want it to go well, all want it to end well. Other festivals don't get as much enthusiasm, see.

I'm ranting, so let's stop here. To the festival ground with the wrath of one million kittens!

Monday, April 7, 2008

On Sleep

Waking up is a matter of motivation. Staying up with full engine output is an entirely different thing, although coffee can make some adjustments.

Having sleep debt is possible. Missing sunrise and lunch time the next time weekend comes is inevitable. It's even nicer when you miss breakfast and lunch, and only dinner's left; two meals skipped are money saved. Sadly it doesn't work the other way; you can't save up sleep so that when rough time comes around, you can get by without sleeping (and game all week long).

Who would give up dreaming anyway. Perchance, nice dreams might pop out that would wake me up smiling and inspired, or screaming at the top of my lungs like a lunatic, laughing like a maniac and proceed to take over the cosmos, etc. The possibilities are too much to let go.

Happy oversleeping.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Not having one? Lack of foresight.



I forgot my glasses today. My sight isn't so bad that I can't see properly without. In fact, my right eye is just fine, so I can get clear picture if I close my left. But that will look like I'm winking all day. Eye patch? I forgot my glasses see, can one who forgot his glasses remember to prepare an eye patch so that he can look fabulous? Maybe, let's try that some other time.

It turned out that the problem wasn't with the lack of clarity, but more with the lack of presence. You see, there's just something that feels off when you can't feel the little weight on your nose, and don't get me starting on the awkwardness of trying to push your glasses back in place when there is none. And because I don't wear my glasses when sleeping, I was at pre-sleep mode all day, great.

What? A post about a little blunder?