Thursday, July 31, 2008

Armed Expedition 2

Now with more batteries!

I'm still amazed at how late I realized the beauty of night time NTU campus. You see first three weeks I moved out of dorm, I missed it so much that I returned every weekend to spend one night (I still had the keys then), just to relax and walk around taking photos.

Looking down from ADM rooftop

That little space just beside Nanyang lake

Same place, another spot

Another spot

The lake itself

I didn't get inside this building even once when I was a student. What a mystery

Yunnan Garden

Same garden, different spot

Another spot

And another

Near hall 7, not many would go here nowadays

Somewhere in hall 7

Still in hall 7. Mysterious place, that

A cat in hall 7

Smile at the suspicious person with camera!

What was a bicycle just outside hall 7

Tree opposite hall 14 bus stop, my old dorm.

Looking at that tree while waiting for a bus one evening made me decide to buy a camera and take photos around campus. True.

Same bus stop, different position

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mister Topilucu

My, look at the year. It's my turn to wear the gown with "topilucu", isn't that great?

I've been revering to the academic gown mortarboard as "topilucu" for about a year now. I think I started doing that since a cousin's convocation. It might have been penguins messing up with my brain, nobody knows.

The ceremony itself is a kind of a mixed bag. You see, in a way it's the culmination of four years of effort, a major milestone in life, something big, but on the other hand, if you begin to describe the events of the day it would look like this: I sat for quite some time, then walked on a a stage to shake hands with someone I had never talked to before (pro-chancellors don't normally show up in class, do they?), then sat back down, waiting for all the rest to walk up the stage and shake hands. Anyway, in the end it's how you feel during the day that matters, not just what happened.

Guess what, I actually had a homework that day. Just one question that I needed to answer: "How do you feel not being a student anymore?". The questioner got her answer that evening, but I like it so much that I just have to write it down:

It feels like wearing an academic gown. It's heavy, hot, hard to move in, and generally inconvenient, but you can't help being happy putting it on. Also, given some time you just get used to it. But all the way, you look forward to take it off and be in a comfortable casual again, which in this case means to return to academic life.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

SG Toy & Comic Con

A Late Report

The convention was on 28-29 June. I went there on Sunday 29 June. Penguins count how late the report is. Just to get it out: no calculator was harmed in the course of counting how late this is. Of course, no penguin was harmed too.

First time I've ever been to this kind of convention (unless last year's game exhibition counts). It is essential to be well equipped for this kind of event, so I made sure that my camera has full batteries, and that I was carrying enough spares (it turned out I didn't need those spares).

Narration won't do much good, so on to the photos!

A freakish take on Atom from Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy). Now I don't know what to make of my childhood hero. By the way, Atom does have a nuclear reactor, so that radioactive sign is justified. Still, he's supposed to be friendly and I don't think many people would have a long walk in the park with a radioactive boy. Now, that's discrimination. Equality for the radioactives!

I didn't kill it, it was stabbed before I did, and must had been stabbed again after that. Looks like its whole purpose in life is to get stabbed by passers-by who happen to carry a blunt pen and a camera. Proof that there're many answers for life.

The dolls at this booth were so well made. I just hope that the maker wasn't named Rozen, or they might just come alive one day and try to kill each other with forks and toothpicks, all so that they can be the perfect doll. Little did they know that the perfect doll uses spork.

I AM Gundam. Whatever Setsuna says, he still can't be Gundam, he doesn't have the nerve to pose in front of an SD Gundam with TWO pens. TWO.

Preventing the formation and expansion of a Haruhi-induced closed-space with Weirdo Power, and finger-pointing pose. This will give Koizumi's organization a boatload of a headache.

To get a snap one must play the part. I did say "Aye Cap'n! Strike a pose!" to this fella before pressing the shutter. Cap'n, I want to believe in your beard, but your smiley pin breaks me.

Solid Snake is off-frame. It's not a shame to surrender to THE Solid Snake, Mister; It's a pride. Well, there was actually no one cosplaying as Solid Snake when I was around. That's weak.

Mister Trooper likes to shoot rebels and Jedis for the Empire. In the weekends he stroll in the Empire's artificial parks with some friends. He dares not stroll alone, an over-enthusiastic Jedi might come along an attack an unarmed trooper when he's alone; those terrorists.

In the end I bought myself a 1:144 model of Gundam Dynames, out of fond memories for Lockon Stratos. Rest in peace, space cowboy. Building it turned out to be so much fun! See if I can get to write about it soon.

I had to leave just before they're going to premier Batman: Gotham Knights, an animated Batman to accompany the upcoming movie. Guess, I'd just have to watch it sometime later then.

In conclusion: It was great, would come again. I wonder how many orders of magnitude Tokyo's Comiket is. Oh well, maybe I'll find out someday.

Getting Flash Player on Portable Firefox

Using only portable applications

>Direct to compressed version

As intro: Firefox 3 portable and Macromedia Flash don't play nice. In some chance that you have to use Firefox portable AND need Flash Player, you're out of luck. Well, not really, if you search around internet you'd find a way, just like I did. Now I'm going to increase information redundancy by posting the method to get Flash to be friendly to Firefox portable, in hope that it's going to be easier for lost souls to find the way -so to say.

What you need (with links):

Now that we have them ready, install your Firefox portable (if you haven't), and also 7-zip portable. The goal is this: we want to extract 2 files, flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll, from the Flash extension xpi file, and put them in Firefox' plugin folder.

Knowing the goal, the next step is pretty logical: open the xpi file with 7-zip archiver (right-click, open with (or open), browse, find your 7-zip install folder, choose 7-ZipPortable.exe), and extract flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll to Firefox plugin folder (...\FirefoxPortable\App\firefox\plugins\, with ... being where you installed your FirefoxPortable).

Exit Firefox if it's open, then open it again and navigate to a page with some Flash content for testing (and hopefully not procrastinating).

Compressed version:

Assuming Firefox 3 portable is installed

  • get 7-zip portable and Flash player extension (xpi file)
  • install 7-zip portable
  • extract flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll from Flash extension xpi file to ...\FirefoxPortable\App\firefox\plugins\, with ... being where FirefoxPortable is installed
  • restart Firefox

via Acid Labs.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Post Appears!

Uh-oh, a post has appeared! What do we do now?

Well, let's just make this a short one.

Took it on the way home from Toy and Comic convention last week. I know zilch about photography, but that can't stop me from being trigger happy!