Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday Adventurer

Stranded somewhere in the northernmost part of the island, I was not caught under planned for Friday afternoon. It's about Friday prayer. I had two plans; first to get a cab to a mosque I do know, which is relatively near (well, relative to some other ones far away), and second to scout for indigenous people who look like they're also going to a mosque and ask to tag along. Second plan was preferred; it does not involve opening my wallet and it does involve some exercise which I pretty much need.

And the second plan I got! Spotted some people, ask them politely, rephrase my question with fragmented short sentences which is hopefully more understandable, rephrase with even shorter ones and... it went through. I could tag along. It'd be 20 minutes walk. I thought whatever, 20 minutes walk is no big deal, except that I looked like a tourist tagging along without understanding what the penguin were they talking about.

I did reach a mosque, but not after a life lesson: no matter how you like walking, don't walk under an unfriendly sun, carrying a heavy backpack, and without any prospect of sweet cold drink at the destination if you can help it.

The adventure didn't end there though, there is this one thing that must happen in an adventure involving me: getting lost. True enough, I got lost halfway through the walk back. Good thing I found a train station pretty quickly. Hey, getting lost is half the fun!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Laid Back-ness

As I often repeat, I just like an excuse to go to NTU. This time around: KUNTUM teleconference with ITB. It's almost like a regular fast-breaking gathering, only with a twist. The twist includes teleconference and ITB, maybe some other things.

Now the ITB side was well prepared. They had quite some number of people gathered, they even had a big banner with the event name on it (it had KUNTUM logo too somewhere!) on what seemed to be a small stage. KUNTUM side? Well, laid back-ness means something. Anyway, it ended well and I went home stuffed.

Now, I did some expedition, and here's the result:

The cloud was like a sheet of recycled paper, but that's not something a point-and-shoot digicam can capture.

It's not really an expedition if everything was taken from pretty much the same spot. But everything is an expedition for the adventurous.

Now, what happened after the teleconference was over and the connection to Bandung was cut? They tuned into a football game. Aww, to be a student.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Have Many Names

Well, many pronunciations.

It can be rye-enn, raa-yaan, rii-enn, rii-aan, even ruu-enn depending on who's talking to me. What an adventure! Hopefully I don't grow five personalities to answer the five names. If I get to choose a sixth, it must be Schtolteheim Reinbach III (but still spelled Ryan).