Sunday, November 30, 2008

Castlevania Aftermath

I haven't had much interest in Castlevania games before the store owner gave me Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for free when I got my NDS. I tried it and quite enjoyed it, though the gameplay was pretty difficult for me, playing almost exclusively RPGs and all. Truth: I am still stuck at the final boss.

Then Order of Ecclesia was released last October. Two weeks after release, and I could hardly find a copy, whoa. Fast forward about three weeks and many hours standing in trains beating monsters, ghosts, freaks, robots, severed heads, vampires, ... (really, the game's enemies list is like horror creatures all stars), I finally beat the game. On a train too! Maybe veterans would laugh at me taking so much time beating the game in normal mode, penguins care not.

How does it play? It plays sweet, mostly. The protagonist attacks with glyphs attached to her left/right shoulders and back and you can have three sets of glyph configuration for quick strategic adjustment. Glyphs selection is pretty wide, variations in strength, elemental attributes, range, but anyone would expect at least that. Bosses can be difficult, but figuring out how to beat them is a lot of fun.

The game has some manner of story, it's not so thick and doesn't get in the way, but quite enjoyable. Well, you need an excuse to resurrect Dracula and another to put a non-Belmont as heroine, then things to hold them together.

Music is a lot of fun. Ear/headphone is highly recommended. Sometimes I found myself tapping to the tune (on train), or tuned out station announcement if I put the volume too loud, fortunately I didn't miss any station doing that, or played myself to Dracula's castle front door. Hmm, would Dracula consider a mass transit stop in the basement of his castle if he lived in 21st century?

Lastly, beating old mister Dracula unlocks hard mode and Albus mode. That should keep me distracted for a few weeks.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh, Vending Machines

Happens all the time, but the irony just wouldn't wear off: Just after the festival is over, the vending machines around NTU LWN library are stocked with coffees again. All to drain the coins away from a suspicious person in need of caffeine :(

Friday, November 28, 2008

Undoubtedly Festive

Okay, I didn't get to go to the usual six-monthly festival, but I did get to go to Anime Festival Asia 2008. First thing first, they charge you S$5 to get in, and the ticket queue was penguin long!

So, what'd one expect to find in an anifest report? Cosplay photos? Yes, I'll get to that. One thing that got my interest in the agenda: May'n concert. She sang some (many!) songs in Macross Frontier, and they were pretty good. Then I asked how much they charge for a ticket...

Talking about price, walking around there're just so many things I want, but looking around price tag was not a good exercise for my frail heart. Except maybe for Gundam kits, which are going for a discount, and really, one of my main agenda was to get a discounted Gundam kit.

There was supposed to be some 1:60 Gundam Exia in Trans-Am mode TRANSPARENT model on sale. Those that come in the afternoon can only gaze at one on display inside a glass case, no touching. Some other time Ryan, some other time. So for consolation, I got a Master Grade (MG is awesome. I love it) Infinite Justice Gundam instead, because Kira is a sissy and Athrun is a real man (put that rock down, I am allowed to have opinion!).

Also, Kunio Okawara, mech designer for the original Gundam series (and some of the recent ones) was there for a signing session. I wanted to get him to sign my new kit but... it was limited to 20 persons. Penguin.

Right, I'm done ranting, scroll down for the cosplay photos.

One pair of Lelouch x C.C. cosplayers that day. Pretty impressive.

HE _IS_ GUNDAM. Now that I know that ordinary men can BECOME GUNDAM... No armed intervention though.

Kamen Rider Black RX and Kamen Rider Shadow. My nostalgia circuit was on overdrive!

Kamen Rider Black! Now my nostalgia circuit is fried.

Holy Electrolytic Batman! Two of them!

Another Lelouch x C.C. cosplay pair. Dead by cameras.

A special appearance of the 98th Emperor of the Britannian Empire. All Hail Britannia!

End of report. Till some other time~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Retro Enough?

I've been finding myself lately scouring youtube for Heino, a ...talented German singer, Ja. I better let the videos do the posting:

Die Schwarze Barbara

Yes, yes, the prettiest in the world is my Barbara
What I like about her, it's her black hair
She has a sky-sky-sky blue eyes and crimson lips
Yes, yes she is so wonderful, the black Barbara

Blau bl├╝ht der Enzian

Yes, yes, so blue blue blue blossomed the gentians
by the Alpenglow when we met again
With your red red red lips it began,
that I can't ever forget

Ja, ja die Katja, die hat ja

Yes, yes she's Katja, yes she has vodka in blood
Fire in heart, and eyes full of ember
Yes, yes she's Katja, yes she has only one thing in mind:
She looks only at you, and you at her!

Ja, ja Not all of them are that energetic and full of Ja though, for instance: Alte Kameraden:

I wonder what my German teacher would say if they find out about this.

Ja, don't blame me if you're infected.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Festival from the Sides

What happens when a Ryan doesn't get to join the festival? Interestingly, not much. Just that a Ryan would be seen lurking around in NTU library on a Friday evening, a Friday evening with a full moon. He didn't howl or hunt for fresh blood though —surprisingly civilized, but perhaps very much suspicious.

Short story short, Ryan has been visiting library two Fridays in a row now. One of his observation: coffees in vending machines are sold out. Coffees from tujuhsebelas still isn't friendly to the wallet, and Ryan needs at least two. Penguins.

He didn't notice the international standards shelf once as a student, tonight he browsed it intently because some spec sheet for some part from some manufacturer declares that they conform to some standard, and because he can't read the standard online for free.

Lastly, he took another photo:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Habits are Frail

So one has to give it extra attention. Like if I decided to walk backwards one kilometer every night and did that for three months, then I had a week break and never started again. I know, I know everybody and their pet ice cube (where applicable) know that one has to maintain one's good habits ere one take a break. I have had my share of good habits broken like that, too many in fact. Also just to be clear, I didn't decide to walk backwards one kilometer every night (It was three kilometers -not).

I used to do some sit-ups everyday some years ago, took a break when semester break came, never resumed.

A glass of milk was the lullaby for my stomach. Was.

I kept track of my expenses, until about a month ago. Now receipts are piling on my desk, waiting their turn for entry. Guess what, the more there are the harder it is to start, and penguins know I don't have receipts for whatever I had for lunch two weeks ago.

My journal is gathering dust after weeks of procrastination. It kind of loses its point if not updated often enough. The less point it had, the less motivation to resume, the more time passed without update, the less point it had remaining. Holy electrolytic Batman, it's discharging!

And others that my brain might have just decided to wipe off to free up some space one sunny day.

Well, talking about it might actually kick me back into some of those habits. Say hi if you see me having my backwards walk some lovely evening in the future.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Excuse the Delay

I got distracted.

Am I not good with excuses. Aarhus isn't so busy as Copenhagen, at least that's how I saw it. Also the old part of the city is called just that, the old city, den gamle by. Well I didn't go there, but it can be seen a little to the left from what's in the photo below.

Den Gamle By is a little to the left. Use imagination.

Then there is the botanic garden. It's the beginning of autumn, so it's not so colorful, mostly green and several shades of yellow and orange. Still, it's pretty.

I wonder how many kilowatts this windmill managed to squeeze in its heyday. Nowadays windmills can reach over 100 meters with blades more than 40 meters long and they look majestic, but this old one has a rustic charm.

Some more photos from around the botanic garden.


That was supposedly a busy market centuries ago. It felt like stepping into a story book.

A monument I guess.

Supposedly there are many museums in Aarhus. I visited none of them, what an achievement.